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Mobilize Your Content And Boost Sales Productivity #LLCSeries

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Demand Gen Report's Lead LifeCycle Series session brought to you by Genwi

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Mobilize Your Content And Boost Sales Productivity #LLCSeries

  1. 1. #LLCSeries Mobilize Your Content and Boost Sales Productivity! SPONSORED BY!
  2. 2. Follow this webinar on LinkedIn & Twitter! #LLCSeries       Demand  Gen  Report:    @DG_Report   Genwi  :  @Genwi   Carol  Krol:  @carolkrol   Rajesh  Soundar:  @soundar643   !
  3. 3. #LLCSeries #LLCSeries  Prize  Box   For  each  live  session  you  aCend  from  the  #LLCSeries,   you  will  be  entered  to  win  an  item  from  the  Prize  Box!   Up  to  12  entries  per  registrant  allowed.   MicrosoN  Surface  3   Apple  Watch  Sport   Fitbit  Flex   Three  #C2C16  Tickets  
  4. 4. About  Demand  Gen  Report   •  Launched in 2007 to track best practices in lead generation! •  Newsletter has grown to more than 30,000 readers! •  We also offer a menu of research and best practices reports ! •  New audio/video podcasts at! @DG_Report   hCp://    
  5. 5. On24  LogisYcs     • Whitepaper! • Datasheet! • Contact Us!
  6. 6. #LLCSeries Panelists   MODERATOR:   Carol  Krol   Editor-­‐in-­‐Chief,  Demand  Gen  Report   Rajesh  Soundar VP  of  Sales Genwi     @soundar643    
  7. 7. Genwi—Model UN RFP Response Global supplier of flexible packaging used by leading food, consumer products, healthcare companies 17,000 employees, 60 locations, 11 countries Founded in 1858 Leading provider of content enablement tools for sales and marketing teams Headquarters in San Jose, CA Customers include: Western Union, Deloitte, American Express, IBM, Tesla
  8. 8. Genwi—Model UN RFP Response Streamline access to marketing content for sales team Offer a branded mobile app Enable content discovery Package customer-facing content ! Content ! Enablement App! ! Buyers get 60% through their decision process ! before engaging sales ! (CEB) ! Bemis Case Study - Goals!
  9. 9. Genwi—Model UN RFP Response Sales reps spend 18% of their time searching for or recreating content (IDC)! Sales materials were hard to access Sales team wasted time searching for content Needed a mobile solution Challenges!
  10. 10. Genwi—Model UN RFP Response Roll out mobile offering for iPad and Surface at sales conference Solution! Categorized by Geo & Product!
  11. 11. Genwi—Model UN RFP Response View product detail! Select a product! Solution!
  12. 12. Genwi—Model UN RFP Response Bemis Company - Sales Rep Testimonial Bill and Doug: Carlos and I were at Aspen today and we presented the Bemis Solution Center to their engineer. He was asking us about 36615 and if we had any stability done on it and we were able to pull it up on the IPad and then emailed it to him live. Absolutely awesome. He was quite impressed. At Medtronic, we asked them if they ever saw a blown film line run and they said no. We pulled a video up from the APP and played them the video; I walked through the process with them. Oh yeah !!! Exciting times ahead! Sent from my iPhone
  13. 13. Genwi—Model UN RFP Response Improved sales productivity Shorter sales cycles Nimble responses during sales meetings Expansion of offering Impact! 56% of B2B buyers “frequently” ! use mobile phones to access ! business-related content. ! (Demand Gen Report)!
  14. 14. #LLCSeries Q  &  A  //  Panelists   MODERATOR:   Carol  Krol   Editor-­‐in-­‐Chief,  Demand  Gen  Report   Rajesh  Soundar VP  of  Sales Genwi     @soundar643    
  15. 15. #LLCSeries     NEXT  SESSION:   Thanks  for  ACending  This  Webinar