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Leveraging Omnichannel Trends for E-Commerce Marketplace Success

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"From Amazon opening physical stores to Facebook opening a marketplace, the retail world is changing. Fast. And consumer behavior is the driving force behind much of that change. Brands and retailers have shifted toward “omnichannel” strategies across the retail landscape to target the increasing number of consumer touchpoints as well as the convergence of channels, business models and customer experiences. But e-commerce marketplaces are still a vital part of this changing landscape.

In this webinar, we’ll talk about recent consumer trends and specifically how brands and retailers can leverage e-commerce marketplaces to capitalize on them.

You’ll learn:
• An overview of omnichannel 2.0: Stores, delivery, mobile and voice
• Why marketplaces fit in well with current omnichannel trends
• Which domestic and international marketplaces you should consider
• How to win on marketplaces through more visibility
• And more"

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Leveraging Omnichannel Trends for E-Commerce Marketplace Success

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  11. 11. Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 11 Leveraging Omnichannel Trends for E-Commerce Marketplace Success
  12. 12. How we got here… Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 12 RETAILER ONLINE SELLER
  13. 13. Omni-channel 1.0 Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 13
  14. 14. Amazon Flywheel… Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 14 Key tenets: • Price • Selection • Convenience
  15. 15. The Bar is Rising Again Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 15
  16. 16. The Relentless Pursuit of Easier 16Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor
  17. 17. What is Omni-channel 2.0? Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 17 STORES DELIVERY MOBILE VOICE
  18. 18. Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 18 Marketplace Platforms are at the Intersection of Omni-Channel 2.0
  19. 19. The Opportunity Copyright 2019 | ChannelAdvisor $330 B sold on U.S. marketplaces to U.S. customers Source: Internet Retailer Top 100 Online Marketplaces
  20. 20. The Opportunity Copyright 2019 | ChannelAdvisor 52% of units sold on Amazon were from 3rd party sellers Source:, Q4 2018
  21. 21. Mobile Continues to Grow Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 21 Source: Google
  22. 22. Smartphones: Most Valuable Real Estate in Retail 22Source: comScoreCopyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor
  23. 23. Mobile Shopping on Marketplaces • Continue to believe that mobile “narrows the options” for consumers to a small number of popular apps • Amazon reported “70% more customers worldwide” shopped on the Amazon app Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 23 Source: Amazon
  24. 24. Copyright 2019 | ChannelAdvisor Over 350 million products for sale
  25. 25. Marketplaces Enable One Stop Shopping • Universal cart enables multi- retailer shopping seamlessly Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 25
  26. 26. Delivery Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 26
  27. 27. Landscape: The Empowered Consumer Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 27 The “Prime” effect has created an expectation of free 2-day shipping. Percentage of consumers who expect to receive goods within 2 days Percentage of consumers willing to pay for 2-day shipping Source: PwC, Global Insights Survey 2018 62% 11%
  28. 28. Amazon Logistics Enabling Fast and Free Shipping 28Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor
  29. 29. Many Delivery Models Emerging Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 29
  30. 30. Making the Strategic Choice: Why do you want to expand? Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 30 Expansion Brand Protection Increase Audience Increase GMV Liquidate Stock
  31. 31. Making the Strategic Choice: Where is the demand? Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 31 You Competing Sellers
  32. 32. Planning for Growth: Order Management & Fulfillment Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 32 • Prepare for increased order volume to warehouse • Order Management System development • Understand marketplace fulfillment and return policy requirements
  33. 33. Summary Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 33
  34. 34. ✓ Consumer trends driving omni-channel significantly overlap with Marketplaces ✓ Selection, delivery and mobile presence all strong on marketplaces ✓ Diversified marketplace strategy is key ✓ It’s important to identify which marketplaces make the most sense for your business and products ✓ Plan in order to successfully execute Copyright 2019 ChannelAdvisor 34 Key Takeaways
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