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Thinking Outside The Box: Why Direct Mail Works In The Digital Age

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"As marketers, we know that audiences are suffering from digital burnout — the fatigue and stress caused by prolonged use of technology. We're struggling, too, constantly working to up-level digital messages that end up being ignored. No matter how relevant or compelling the message is, prospects won't respond because they are getting 200 cold calls and 500 cold emails per week!

But did you know that 83% of consumers feel positively about receiving packages? It comes as no surprise then that the response rate for direct mail is more than 30X that of email. But how can this play into a broader ABM strategy? Today’s demand marketers know that simply creating a single experience is not enough; we need to continue to add to the experience via targeted ads, custom landing pages, email outreach, and tangible engagements.

Join us for this webinar to hear use cases spotlighting various B2B organizations and how they are winning with outside-the-box multichannel campaigns. You will learn:
• How to create campaigns that are multichannel and cross-functional;
• What actually needs to happen for marketing and sales to align; and
• How to work with your team to come up with outside-the-box campaigns."

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Thinking Outside The Box: Why Direct Mail Works In The Digital Age

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  7. 7. # Adding A Physical Touch • 67% of marketers either currently using (50%) or planning to use (17%) direct mail in their campaigns within the next 12 months.
  8. 8. # Importance Of Having High Touch Outreach To High Value Accounts • 56% of marketers said direct mail is an integral part of their ABM initiatives.
  9. 9. SENDING PLATFORM Thinking Outside The Box Why Direct Mail Works In The Digital Age
  10. 10. 10© 2018 SENDER, INC. | Our inboxes are overwhelmed. 48% of emails received every day are deleted in just five minutes.
  11. 11. 11© 2018 SENDER, INC. | But our mailboxes are empty. 83% of consumers feel positively about receiving packages.
  12. 12. 12© 2018 SENDER, INC. | Which is why we respond to physical mail. Direct mail has 30x the response rate of email.
  13. 13. 13© 2018 SENDER, INC. | New Category of Software: Sending Platform An integrated cloud solution that fuses automation with logistics so companies can easily source, store, ship, and measure ROI for anything they ever need to send.
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  21. 21. 21© 2018 SENDER, INC. | Winner of 2018 FlipMyFunnel Award for Best ABM Campaign at Scale Campaign Spotlight: Uberflip Uberflip sent 500 kits with an offer for a year of Netflix if a meeting was accepted Don’t take it from us… ▪ 60 conversations started ▪ 40 net new opportunities ▪ Over 3000% ROI in pipeline created ▪ 450% ROI in closed revenue Pro Tip: Use a coordinated ABM approach Other tools used:
  22. 22. 22© 2018 SENDER, INC. | 65% of consumers say a positive brand experience is more influential than great advertising.
  23. 23. 23© 2018 SENDER, INC. | “There’s nothing like getting something fun in the mail to brighten your day. ”
  24. 24. 24© 2018 SENDER, INC. | “Thank you for making me feel like a champion.”
  25. 25. 25© 2018 SENDER, INC. | “Successfully got the team talking.”
  26. 26. 26© 2018 SENDER, INC. | Brand Awareness Demand Gen Prospecting Deal Acceleration NegotiationABM Strategic Points of Engagement Procore: Saw 16% increase in meeting show rates during Q4 from coffee eGifts. Generated $1.2M in pipeline. Pendo: Reported a 5X higher close rate when leveraging direct mail vs. no direct mail during targeted points in the sales funnel. Talkdesk: Generated $2.3M in Pipeline by sending out physical copies of their first listing in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Uberflip: Earned 3000% ROI on pipelinevalue and a 450% return on closed revenueto date from their Netflix & Chill Box ABM Campaign. Radius: Saw a 60% response rate for all packages sent and generated $1,000 in pipeline for every $1 spent. Post-Sales Lingo Live Increased average deal size by 22% by engaging multiple stakeholders and driving awareness. LiveRamp Saw a strong correlation between higherrenewal rates and customers that had been gifted within 30 days of signing.
  27. 27. # Integrating Direct Into Engagement
  28. 28. @uberflip Report download BOFU Outside the Inbox: Multi-Channel Demand Experience
  29. 29. # Adding Efficiency To Direct Mail
  30. 30. 30© 2018 SENDER, INC. | Thank You
  31. 31. #COSeries Q&A // Panelists Andrew Gaffney Editorial Director Demand Gen Report @AGaffney Kris Rudeegraap Co-Founder & CEO Sendoso @Rudeegraap
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