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How to use Customer Success to Drive Revenue Growth Through Up-Sells

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The most successful Enterprise SaaS companies know that growing revenue only through new customer acquisition is the less efficient way to scale. Rather, they understand that growing revenue within your existing customer base - through up-sells, cross-sells, and expanded use - is the most profitable way to scale.

In fact, Enterprise SaaS companies that grow revenue - and company valuation - by expanding revenue within their existing customer base also know the key to making this work is to focus on - and operationalize - Customer Success.

This presentation - How to use Customer Success to drive Revenue Growth through Up-Sells - is from Pulse 2014, the biggest Customer Success industry event ever and included panelists from Adobe DocuSign, Concur, MuleSoft

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How to use Customer Success to Drive Revenue Growth Through Up-Sells

  1. 1. How to Drive Up-Sell Through Customer Success Bradley Mirkovich, Concur Brent Grimes, MuleSoftTodd McEvilly, DocuSign
  2. 2. Brad Mirkovich General Manager, Americas
  3. 3. CNQR - 2013 - $545 Million 20,000+ customers in 100+ countries 4,000+ global employees 25 Million registered users Send over $12 Billion to banks per year 750,000 logins daily TRAVEL AND EXPENSE CLOUD PLATFORM LEADER
  4. 4. CUSTOMER SUCCESS VISION Client Development exists as a focal point for the customer to achieve success with Concur. Anticipating, identifying, and meeting our customer needs is key to Concur’s continued success. We will measure our impact through revenue growth, customer retention, and relationship health.
  5. 5. CONCUR CROSS SELL ALIGNMENT Concur Americas Enterprise Organization Structure: Client Development – 75 Sales – 110 (exclusive of overlays) Upsell/Cross Sell Revenue is the responsibility of both sales and our Client Development Organization. Both are paid on this revenue.
  6. 6. Product Set Engagement Client Satisfaction Contractual Performance Feature Adoption CONCUR CUSTOMER SUCCESS INDEX
  7. 7. Engagement Client Satisfaction Feature Adoption Contractual Performance Product Set •Core Products •Upsell to core •Cross Sell – add on products and services CONCUR CUSTOMER SUCCESS INDEX Contractual Performance •Core Product Utilization •Contractual Term •Webinar attendance •Fusion Exchange •Fusion •User Group participation •Business Review •LinkedIn Client Group membership •Contractual Performance •Net Promoter Score •End User Survey •Sales Reference •Concur Star Engagement •Measurement/ benchmarking •Scope •Best practices •Dashboard alignment
  9. 9. Todd McEvilly DocuSign Inc. Vice President, Account Management
  10. 10. About DocuSign DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 11 Vision Empower organizations to “keep business digital.” Leader in Market Share 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Leader Among Analysts Leader in Users #1 eSignature Takes Off #1 eSignature Wave #1 eSignature Solutions
  11. 11. DocuSign Enterprise Account Manager Mission: Manage client relationship throughout the customer lifecycle, ensuring maximum value of our partnership through strategic alignment of the DocuSign solution and client business strategy. 1. Main Point-of-contact throughout customer life cycle: • Ensure your on-going satisfaction and value delivery • Customer Advocate/Issue Escalation 2. Adoption: • Monitor & drive utilization • Help identify use case expansion opportunities 3. Pro-active Communication: • Recurring Status Calls to monitor partnership • Strategic Business Reviews 4. Sharing Success: • Customer Community Engagement & Best Practices Sharing • Internal & External Marketing
  12. 12. Adoption Increase Consumption Retention Decrease Churn Growth Increase Installed- Base Bookings Measuring Success:
  13. 13. Brent Grimes MuleSoft VP Global Customer Success MuleSoft Explosion of endpoints driven by the mega-trends of SaaS, big data and the Internet of Things • 2,200+ SaaS companies • 11,000+ open APIs • 50 billion devices and objects will be connected to the Internet by 2020 • 300+ employees, growing to 500+ by end of year • Offices in San Francisco, Atlanta, New York, Buenos Aires, London, Sydney, Singapore • 2013: 91% subscription revenues growth • 60%+ of new revenue driven by SaaS and/or mobile integration • MuleSoft’s Anypoint™ Platform: the only unified integration platform for SaaS, SOA and APIs MULESOFT MISSION • Connect the world’s applications, data and devices Market Momentum MuleSoft Momentum MuleSoft Mission
  14. 14. Customer Success when growth is the charter Vision Deployment Value Realization Growth Differentiated new customer experience Prescriptive value realization to growth Renewal as an opportunity Requires a complete lifecycle approach
  15. 15. Customer Success @ MuleSoft Vision Deployment Value Realization Growth Guiding principle • Customer Success is a company wide mission Customer Success charter • Proactive, growth-focused engagement • Rich and current view of every customer • Blueprint for customer success Where we are • Building to deliver on this charter How we prioritize • Maximize 2014 impact • Prioritize bookends • New customer experience • Renewals as an opportunity
  16. 16. Q&A