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Three-step MailChimp Segmentation Worksheet

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Use this workbook to discover how to create segments for MailChimp. Get better results from your email marketing.

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Three-step MailChimp Segmentation Worksheet

  1. 1. Segmentation A workbook to assist in identifying your email marketing segments. Gary Eckstein
  2. 2. Why Segment? Send targeted messages to contacts with similarities. There is significant data proving that sending information most relevant to each contact increases open and click rates. If we’re engaging our audience and they’re interacting with our email messages then we have the attention of our contact. Segmentation is the term used to ‘group’ contacts by similar interests or demographics. This workbook leads you through the process of planning the segments you need for your email marketing purposes. MailChimp Training by www.
  3. 3. Three Steps to Successful Segmentation A quick an easy process to get you better email marketing results. MailChimp Training by www. 1 Identify your marketing needs 2 Identify required contact data 3 Create segments in MailChimp
  4. 4. 1. Identify your marketing needs What information will you use to make your email marketing more specific. For example if you sell mens clothing in Australia and women's clothing in the U.S.A. you’ll want to be able to segment your data by country so you may target relevant products for each contact. To do: List below a few ways you’d like to target your email marketing. Ideas include; gender, age, location, average spend, last purchase date etc. MailChimp Training by www.
  5. 5. 2. Identify data required In this step you’ll identify the data you need for each contact to be able to create the segments you listed in the previous step. To do: List the data (fields) you’ll need for each for each contact so you can identify when a contact meets the segment criteria you listed previously. For example if you sell coffee mugs with first names printed on the mug then you’ll need the first name of contacts to be able to send first name targeted email campaigns. MailChimp Training by www.
  6. 6. 3. Create segments in MailChimp In step 2 you identified the data fields you need to be able to segment your data. We now setup MailChimp so that you may target your email campaigns to be most relevant to each contact. To do: 1. Create a new list in MailChimp (or combine your existing lists into a single list). 2. In Excel create the columns (fields) you need (as identified in step 2) and then populate with your contact data. e.g. 3. Import from Excel to your MailChimp list. 4. Create segments in MailChimp per those you identified in step 1. 5. Create and send email campaigns tailored to each segment. MailChimp Training by www. Email Address First Name City Gary Brisbane
  7. 7. MailChimp is renowned for getting incredible results from email marketing. Get exceptional results with training by OrganicWeb. Contact Gary to get your team up and going with MailChimp. Email: Web: