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Engage the future of business

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Engage the future of business

  1. 1. It will make your business:Technology that works your wayPerformance improvements that present new opportunitiesEffective business means improved outcomes
  2. 2. Gen-i’s approach to building anddelivering solutions:Approach 1 : Build it, and then sell itApproach 2 : Sell it, and then build it
  3. 3. > Readycloud portfolio – Readycloud Server, Backup, Video, Hosted Exchange> Modern Workspace Toolset – Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Application Delivery, Managed Mobility> Collaboration – Unified and Visual Communications> Connectivity – Fibre and 4G
  4. 4. > Ground well around Cloud in SME space, and wanting a new range of devices to access the applications and data> Clients seeing the benefit of Dual Cell now – 40Mb down, and 11Mb up (on supported devices)> UFB inputs showing up
  5. 5. > Stop, look, listen, engage, deliver!> Draw on our product set, and our experience to help you Engage the Future of Business.