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Integrating new technologies

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A lever for improving road safety in Africa
David Ward, Secretary General, Global NCAP
Thursday 15th November, African Road Safety Forum

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Integrating new technologies

  1. 1. Session 9: Integrating new technologies: a lever for improving road safety in Africa David Ward, Secretary General, Global NCAP - Thursday 15th November
  2. 2. Global NCAP – A Platform for NCAP Co-operation Worldwide Global NCAP was launched in 2011 to serve as a platform for co-operation among NCAPs and to provide financial & technical support to new programmes in emerging markets. It is a UK registered charity and its largest sources of funding come from the FIA Foundation and the Bloomberg Philanthropies. It works closely with the Towards Zero Foundation, and leads the Stop the Crash Partnership. Global NCAP has consultative status with the UN (ECOSOC), is a member of the UN Road Safety Collaboration, and an observer at the UN World Forum for Harmonisation of Vehicle Regulations. In 2016 we received the Premier Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for outstanding achievement in vehicle safety.
  3. 3. Emerging Market NCAPs Global NCAP gives financial and technical support to emerging NCAPs in Latin America and South East Asia. Despite weak regulatory systems in these regions ASEAN and Latin NCAP have seen a rapid increase in the availability of four and five star cars. In India we have created a ‘Safer Cars for India’ project and this has acted as a catalyst for action by industry and Government who have mandated crash test standards from October 2017. A ‘Safer Cars for Africa’ project was launched in Cape Town in November 2017. Global NCAP is also promoting its #nozerostarcars campaign to discourage manufacturers from selling cars that fail to meet minimum UN crash test standards and score zero stars in NCAP ratings.
  4. 4. Global NCAP’s 2020 Vision… In 2017 from a total of 73.4 million new cars as many as 20% fail to meet UN minimum safety standards, lacking air bags, anti-lock brakes, or electronic stability control (ESC). By 2020 at the latest Global NCAP wants all new cars to meet UN crash test standards with air bags, ABS and ESC fitted as standard. To support this vision we have called for and end to zero star cars and proposed a Road Map for Safer Vehicles 2020. #NoZeroStarCars
  5. 5. In April 2018 UN General Assembly adopted resolution (A/Res/72/L.48) which encourages Member States (paragraph 9) to adopt: Policies and measures to implement United Nations vehicle safety regulations or equivalent national standards to ensure that all new motor vehicles, meet applicable minimum regulations for occupant and other road users protection, with seat belts, air bags and active safety systems as standard. Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General’s Report to 72nd UN General Assembly also called on Member States to: “Participate in NCAPs” and “support the elimination of the production of unsafe cars and implement the United Nations vehicle safety regulations or equivalent national standards” UN Mandate for Safer Vehicles 2020-2030
  6. 6. Global Road Safety Performance Targets The General Assembly also endorsed 12 road safety performance targets or implementation by 2030. Target 5: By 2030, 100% of new (defined as produced, sold or imported) and used vehicles meet high quality safety standards, such as the recommended priority UN Regulations, Global Technical Regulations, or equivalent recognized national performance requirements. The priority standards/indicators include: R94 & 95 Front and Side Impact R140 Electronic Stability Control R14 & R16 Seat Belt Anchorages & Seat Belts R127 Pedestrian Protection R44/R129 Child Restraints R78 Motorcycle braking Operational NCAPs around the world.
  7. 7. Nissan NP300 Hardbody + Safety Shield is Misnamed & Misleading
  8. 8. Jointly with AA of South Africa, Global NCAP recommends • Encourage Africa Governments to apply the most important UN vehicle safety regulations and engage with the UN World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations. • Promote consumer awareness of vehicle safety by encouraging African Governments to require display of star rating labels based on independent crash testing of all new models sold in the African automotive market. • Encourage public and private motor vehicle fleet operators in Africa, including the UN’s own fleet managers, to adopt Global NCAP fleet safety guidelines which recommend the purchase of vehicles that exceed a crash test rating minimum of four stars and pass the most important UN vehicle regulations. African Vehicle Safety Initiative – Key Actions:
  9. 9. Thank You! is pleased to acknowledge support from: