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Presentation of EU GoGIN project at G7++

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Activities and achievements of EU GoGIN project supporting the maritime centres of Yaoundé Architecture

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Presentation of EU GoGIN project at G7++

  1. 1. EU project “Gulf of Guinea Interregional Network” GOGIN Bertrand Demez GoGIN Project Coordinator G7++
  2. 2. GoGIN project – descriptive sheet 2 7,5 M€ 1,8 M€ 2016 / 2020 2016 / 2018 Improving maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea to favor blue economy Control of maritime information Improvement of national structures Improvement of transnational structures Team of 12 people Diagnostics Organization Live trainings Academic courses Information systems IT equipments Legal assessments Funding Scope 19 countries 1 interregional coordination centre (ICC) 2 centres régionaux de sécurité maritime (CRESMAC & CRESMAO) 5 multinational coordination centres 3 regional universities 2016 / 2018 Main partners
  3. 3. Training 3 1. Maritime Safety and Security Course 2. Maritime Data Processing / Maritime Domain Awareness 3. One Week Training 4. LIVEX Exercises
  4. 4. Education - in Maritime Universities 4 Maritime Safety and Security Course • Duration: 2 months • Promoting and creating awareness for maritime culture within the civil and military administrations • Target: YS and national administrations • When: UNIV CV Mindelo May-Jul 2020 ?
  5. 5. Education - on Site 5 Maritime Data Processing / Maritime Domain Awareness • Duration: 10 days • Improvement of the capacities and capabilities of the regional maritime Yaoundé structure (YS) on the management of maritime data of interest • Target: YS • When: • CMC Z F Nov 19; CMC Z D, TBD in 2020 (they will also serve to train the trainer including YARIS); • National level and other Zones: Schedule for 2020 to be determined jointly with YS
  6. 6. Education / Training - on Site 6 One Week Training • Duration: 5 days • Support on particular knowledge gaps identified in advance by the concerned centers. • Mainly focused on information management—understanding the information flows existing in a center—but also concerning the center’s organization, improvement of SOP’s, etc. These are customized programs, designed to respond to the centers’ requests. They may include paper exercises. • Training on YARIS is one the instances of these programs from which personnel will greatly benefit. A pool of experts from GoGIN and YS will receive specific training directly from the YARIS developers, and will disseminate the acquired knowledge throughout the region. • Target: YS centers (mainly) • When: Schedule for 2020 to be determine with YS • To be provided on request • To be provided alongside the deployment of YARIS
  7. 7. Exercises LIVEX 7 Zonal and National exercises (LIVEX) supported by GoGIN • With the general purpose of promoting inter-administration collaboration and exchange of information both at and within the national level • To support national specific goals, such as national strategy development, or the development and test of national plans (e.g., SAR or anti-piracy plans) • It includes 3–5 days of preparation workshops (INN, Piracy, Anti-Pol, Crisis Response…) • Whenever possible, with the participation of other partners: PESCAO, COREP, GI WACAF, INTERPOL, UNODC • Zone G – December 19 • Zone F – TBD 2020 • Nigeria - ? 2020
  8. 8. LIVEX Exercises 8 Participation in the annual international maritime LIVEX : • Obangame Express (generally in March) • MEGALOPS (generally in June) • Gran NEMO (October)
  9. 9. Global achievements 9
  10. 10. Information System YARIS
  11. 11. ICC (Cameroon) CRESMAO (Côte d’Ivoire) MCC Zone E (Benin) MOC Bénin MOC Nigéria MOC Togo MCC Zone F (Ghana) MOC Côte d’Ivoire MOC Guinea Conacry MOC Sierra Leone MOC Liberia MOC Ghana MCC Zone G (Cabo Verde) MOC Senegal MOC Cabo Verde MOC Gambia MOC Guiné Bissau CRESMAC (Congo) MCC Zone A (Angola) MOC D. R. Congo MOC Angola MOC Congo MCC Zone D (Cameroon) MOC Cameroon MOC Gabon MOC Eq. Guinea MOC S. T. Príncipe Roll out 13 Ongoing Planned Unplanned Complete Infrastructure Internet TESS YARIS Component Status * Status as of October, 2019
  12. 12. Workplan 14 07.19 08.19 09.19 10.19 11.19 12.19 01.20 02.20 03.20 04.20 05.20 06.20 07.20 INTERNET INFRASTRUCTURE TESS YARIS Definition 08.20 Definition Procurement Implementation Maintenance and support Procurement Phase I (to reach IOC) Phase II (to reach FOC) Phase III (Maintenance & support) Procurement Phase I ( to reach IOC) Phase II (to reach FOC) Phase III (Maint. & support) HANDOVER Preparation Execution 07.20 08.20 21.08.2020 End of technical work Procurement & implementation (by the ICC & operations centres, supported by GoGIN) IOC (Initial Operational Capability) includes priority requirements’ implementation (development, testing, deployment and users training) FOC (Final Operational Capability) includes secondary and optional requirements’ implementation (development, testing, deployment and users training), maintenance and support Maintenance and support includes changing and adding new requirements to a certain extent
  13. 13. GoGIN sur le Net – GoGIN in the Net ▰ Web - ▪ Publié en français et anglais + traduction en espagnol et portugais ▪ Published in French and English + translation in Spanish and Portuguese ▰ Twitter - @GOGIN_project ▪ Actus du projet et actus du Golfe de Guinée ▪ News of the project and news of Gulf of Guinea ▰ Lettre d’information - Newsletter ▪ Publiée tous les deux mois en français et anglais ▪ Published every 2 months in French and English ▪ S’inscrire : 15
  14. 14. MANY THANKS