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Peer tutoring - Online tutoring - Peer learning

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Students work in pairs or small groups, provides explicit teaching support with peer groups, use students as teachers. Types of peer tutoring is effective for handling students with mild disabilities

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Peer tutoring - Online tutoring - Peer learning

  1. 1. Dr.S.Govindaraj, Assistant Professor, Adhiparasakthi College of Education, Kalavai
  2. 2. @GovindarajS PhD
  3. 3. Peer Tutoring – Meaning Learners work in pairs or small groups Provide Explicit teaching support @GovindarajS PhD
  4. 4. Peer Tutoring – Meaning Uses students as tutors Academic, social, behavioral, functional or social skills @GovindarajS PhD
  5. 5. Unidirectional • Trained peer tutor teaches the entire time • Effective – children with severe disabilities • Tutor and student always know their roles • Peer tutor carries the responsibility throughout programme Bi directional • Child with and without disability have a pair • Children switch their roles for each skill, class, week or unit • Effective – children with mild disabilities • child have an opportunity to be a teacher PeerTutoring–Types @GovindarajS PhD
  6. 6. Class wide • Breaking the class into pairs • All children are given task • Effective – Children with mild disabilities • Entire class is involved in the tutoring • No children are singled out because of disability Cross Age • Peer tutor is interested in working with children with disabilities • Effective – student young or the disability is more involved • Chosen according to willingness, physical skills and availability • Tutor gains teaching experience • Students experience effective individualized instruction and feedback PeerTutoring–Types @GovindarajS PhD
  7. 7. Online Tutoring @GovindarajS PhD
  8. 8. Online Tutoring@GovindarajS PhD Process of tutoring in online Virtual environment Teachers and learners Time and space
  9. 9. Requirements for Online Tutoring @GovindarajS PhD ∞ Access the session from all devices ∞ Face to Face video conferencing ∞ Speak with high quality and excellent voice ∞ Knowledge of write, type, erase and draw on digital advance whiteboard ∞ Text chat via messaging ∞ Upload and share files ∞ Feedback from students
  10. 10. Benefits of Online Tutoring@GovindarajS PhD Convenience and flexibility Quick learning Tutors can see a child when they struggling for learning Feedback and criticism Same possibilities of learning Details of performance and improvements
  11. 11. Benefits of Online Tutoring@GovindarajS PhD Manage workload Prioritize time Elimination of geographical constraints Sending links of diagrams, charts, articles etc. Elimination of travel time More interactivity
  12. 12. @GovindarajS PhD
  13. 13. Peer Learning - Definition @GovindarajS PhD Peers support each other in learning processes Experience of participating all students Acquisition of knowledge and skill
  14. 14. Peer Learning - Definition @GovindarajS PhD Active helping and support among peers Helping each other to learn Result from the interactions shared by peers
  15. 15. Benefits of Peer Learning@GovindarajS PhD Ω Cost Effective Ω Positive influence Ω Encouraging greater productivity Ω Share experiences Ω More practice Ω Build trust and work towards success Ω Build strong connections Ω Sharing of knowledge Ω Help in solving problems Ω Focus on one specific area Ω Build internal relationships Ω Transferring knowledge and information
  16. 16. Benefits of Peer Learning@GovindarajS PhD Ω More personalized experience Ω Active learning is encouraged Ω Deeper understanding Ω Feels more comfortable Ω Peers have greater connection
  17. 17. Peer tutoring in the classroom@GovindarajS PhD  Enhance recall the content  Involve reasoning and critical thinking  Discussing and rationalizing lesson concepts in their own words  Build confidence and communication abilities  Improve self-esteem and interpersonal skills  Immediate clarification of doubts  Comfortable to ask questions  Versality  Social motivation  Accommodate a classroom of diverse learners  Promotes academic gain
  18. 18. @GovindarajS PhD Benefits of Peer Tutoring Meets the individual instructions Involves guide practice Offers one to one assistance Raises student engagement Higher level of thinking
  19. 19. @GovindarajS PhD Benefits of Peer Tutoring Improves general knowledge Improves motivation Communication skills Develops empathy Sense of responsibility
  20. 20. @GovindarajS PhD Benefits of Peer Tutoring More academic progress Deepen understanding Clarify Knowledge Great educational impact
  21. 21. @GovindarajS PhD Benefits of Peer Tutoring Develop Self Confidence Better Academic Achievement Practice skills leads to better retention Positive attitude towards learning
  22. 22. Importance of Peer tutoring @GovindarajS PhD
  23. 23. Importance of Peer tutoring@GovindarajS PhD  Provide Encouragement  Help students learn  Aware of nonverbal communication  Successful study strategies  Questioning and answering strategies enhanced  Paying attention towards concept  Explain concepts in different angles
  24. 24. Disadvantages of Peer tutoring@GovindarajS PhD Peer tutors must be trained, monitored and graded Planning and preparing requires additional time Lack of social development Students may not teach as experience as teacher Does not promote positive relationship with peer members Some students may come forward to teach, others seldom listen
  25. 25. Disadvantages of Peer tutoring@GovindarajS PhD Lack of supervision and monitoring of progress of students Lack of empathy for struggling peers Difficulties in arranging classes Challenges for staff members in supervision Assess the quality of peer to peer learning exercise
  26. 26. Disadvantages of Peer tutoring@GovindarajS PhD Peer pressure and friendship may affect among peers May cheat or gang up against one group member Students are not experienced in assessing each other Students are lacking in explain the content in detail
  27. 27. @GovindarajS PhD
  28. 28. learning/#:~:text=Evidence%20is%20accumulating%20that%20peer,deeper%20unders tanding%20of%20that%20subject. strategies education.html#:~:text=Disadvantages%20of%20Peer%20Tutoring&text=Peer%20tut ors%20must%20be%20trained,convince%20them%20of%20the%20benefits. @GovindarajS PhD
  29. 29. disadvantages-of-peer-teaching/ assessment/advantages-and Google images @GovindarajS PhD