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B2B Sales Coverage Analysis

  1. EXAM PLE Sales Coverage Analysis for Example Company*
  2. EXAM PLE Findings 1. Rep Productivity - Reps can improve productivity with increased focus. On average they’ve worked 60 accounts in the last 90 days (3.97% of book) with fewer than 10 recorded activities per day. 2. Coverage - 95% of prospect accounts are untouched in last 90 days. Cover more of the right kinds of accounts with more tailored books to enable outbound prospecting actions via AEs or SDRs. 3. Hygiene - 8,372 accounts (20%) are currently owned by inactive users.
  3. EXAM PLE Rep Productivity Let’s look at how reps are working the accounts assigned to them.
  4. EXAM PLE AE Activity Reps are working 1-2 contacts per account. A multi-threaded deal is 30-50% more likely to close. Reps should be engaging more contacts. Relatively low daily activity indicates reps could prospect more than they currently are.
  5. EXAM PLE Accounts worked unrelated to book size Most reps fall in a narrow range. They’re either a) at capacity or b) working only on inbound accounts.
  6. EXAM PLE Larger books may actually be harmful Reps with larger books are less likely to create self-set opps.
  7. EXAM PLE Overall coverage from AEs is low
  8. EXAM PLE Recommendations ● Provide a smaller, focused prospecting book of accounts for reps in addition to their SDR/inbound opportunities (start with ~50) ● Enable, incent and hold reps accountable to spend more time prospecting into those accounts to create self-set opportunities ● Focus on coverage metrics over a rolling 30 day window: % of prospect accounts engaged, number of contacts engaged ● Allow reps to swap accounts that have incorrect data or do not engage after sustained outbound effort
  9. EXAM PLE TAM Coverage Let’s dig into how the full sales org covers an addressable market.
  10. EXAM PLE Coverage can improve in all regions Significant opportunity given lower penetration but likely very competitive.
  11. EXAM PLE Region B coverage map Industry 1 dominates the known TAM and rep effort Find and distribute more accounts in these industries (if they exist)
  12. EXAM PLE Region C coverage map Coverage effort is more evenly distributed in Region C vs Region B
  13. EXAM PLE Book composition Uneven allocation of Industry 1 in Region B Few Industry 1 in Region C, lots of Industry 10
  14. EXAM PLE Recommendations ● Tailor book composition for reps based on regional differences in industry penetration and availability of accounts ● Use “get back to me” play for competitive displacement (e.g. record competitor contract dates for prospect, return account to pool and redistribute prior to renewal) ● Region B - Reduce reliance on Industry 1 by a) increasing accounts in other industries and b) actively distributing those accounts to reps ● Region C - Increase Industry 1, reduce Industry 10
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  16. EXAM PLE Appendix
  17. EXAM PLE *Considerations for Example Company ● This analysis focuses on activities logged and opportunities related to active AEs across all regions from the last year ● Only opportunities of type “New Business” are included ● “Book Size” is defined as total unique accounts including all owned accounts + accounts with rep activity + accounts with rep opportunities ● “Coverage” focuses on last 90 days of rep effort unless otherwise stated