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Dealing with stage fright and Building an Impressive personality

This is my lecture for my BBA class, it deals with the tips and techniques to over come stage fright and the skills to develop impressive personality

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Dealing with stage fright and Building an Impressive personality

  1. 1. Life Skills Gull Zareen 03/21/14 1Gull zareen
  2. 2. Objectives By the end of today’s session students will be able to identify: • Meaning and Reasons of stage Fright • Strategies for reducing Stage Fright • Signs of Discomfort • Confidence Building • How to be Impressive personality 03/21/14 2Gull zareen
  3. 3. 03/21/14 3Gull zareen
  4. 4. “The human brain is a wonderful thing. It starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.” - George Jessel 03/21/14 4Gull zareen
  5. 5. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it as: Nervousness before or during an appearance before an audience.03/21/14 5Gull zareen
  6. 6. Different Names for Same Phenomena 03/21/14 6Gull zareen
  7. 7. A Phobia Different Names An Unreasonable Fear A. stage fright B. speech anxiety C. shyness D. fear of speaking E. performance anxiety F. Speech phobia 03/21/14 7Gull zareen
  8. 8. THIS MIGHT HAPPEN! Number of times practiced Quality of Performanc e 03/21/14 8Gull zareen
  9. 9. What happens when you have to speak in public? 03/21/14 9Gull zareen
  10. 10. • Does your heart beat faster than usual? Do you experience a mental blackout? Did you feel your blood rushing to your head and to your cheeks?03/21/14 10Gull zareen
  11. 11. • Do butterflies attack your stomach each time you’re about to speak? Do you perspire more than usual? Are you at a loss for breath? 03/21/14 11Gull zareen
  12. 12. • Do you lose your voice? Does your body gets tense? Your hands cold, And start to tremble? 03/21/14 12Gull zareen
  13. 13. Signs of Discomfort Gull zareen You are suffering from stage fright if You have: 03/21/14 13
  14. 14. Don’t Worry…U are not Alone Fear of Public Speaking has been rated as the #1 fear in America. Some say it is more feared than death. The truth is that most people just don't want to talk about their fear of being in front of a group. 03/21/14 14Gull zareen
  15. 15. CAUSES • Inadequate preparation • Fear of being judged • Lack of familiarity with the Audience or Setting • Lack of knowledge about public speaking • Feeling Inadequate • Fear of the unknown • Haunting Past experiences 03/21/14 15Gull zareen
  16. 16. Anxiety • It is an unusual fearful feeling that everyone goes through when faced with an important task. 03/21/14 16Gull zareen
  17. 17. QUESTIONNAIRE ON SPEECH ANXIETY 1- NONE 2- VERY SLIGHTLY 3- SLIGHTLY 4- INTENSE 5- VERY INTENSE ___1. weak voice ___2. shortness of breath ___3. awkward pauses ___4. preference to look up/down ___5. rapid heartbeats ___6. playing with pen/hanky 03/21/14 17Gull zareen
  18. 18. QUESTIONNAIRE ON SPEECH ANXIETY 1- NONE 2- VERY SLIGHTLY 3- SLIGHTLY 4- INTENSE 5- VERY INTENSE ___7. no eye contact with the audience ___8. moving too much ___9. trembling hands ___10. feeling cold ___11. inability to think clearly ___12. dry mouth and throat 03/21/14 18Gull zareen
  19. 19. QUESTIONNAIRE ON SPEECH ANXIETY 1- NONE 2- VERY SLIGHTLY 3- SLIGHTLY 4- INTENSE 5- VERY INTENSE ___13. no facial expression ___14. wanting to end speech ___15. too fast rate of speech ___16. feeling dizzy ___17. feeling awkward and clumsy ___18. perspiring too much 03/21/14 19Gull zareen
  20. 20. QUESTIONNAIRE ON SPEECH ANXIETY 1- NONE 2- VERY SLIGHTLY 3- SLIGHTLY 4- INTENSE 5- VERY INTENSE ___19. feeling nervous ___20. shaking voice 03/21/14 20Gull zareen
  21. 21. Qualitative Interpretation 100 – 80: Do not worry; all is not lost. Speaking skills are required. With a little help and deliberate efforts on your part you will yet become a good speaker. 79- 59: Good! However, you have to spend more time preparing yourself for public speaking. 03/21/14 21Gull zareen
  22. 22. Qualitative Interpretation 58 – 38:Very Good! With a little more training, you will become a better speaker 37-20: Congratulations! You are potentially an effective speaker. 03/21/14 22Gull zareen
  23. 23. HOW TO OVERCOME? 03/21/14 23Gull zareen
  24. 24. Gull zareen03/21/14 24
  25. 25. COGNITIVE STRATEGIES Most detrimental - catastrophising: “I think I am going to faint” “I’m sure to make a dreadful mistake and that will ruin everything” Best kind - realistic appraisal: “I’m bound to make a few mistakes, but so does everyone.” “The audience wants me to play well and will make allowance for a few slips”. 03/21/14 25Gull zareen
  26. 26. A New Acronym FEAR BUSTER 03/21/14 26Gull zareen
  27. 27. F - Focus on your most powerful Experience • Relive your most powerful experience and feel the confidence and power flow through your veins again. • Speak with this power in your heart. 03/21/14 27Gull zareen
  28. 28. E - Energize Yourself • You’ve adrenaline pumping through your veins. Your heart is racing and your muscles are all tensed up. Your eyes are shifty and you are unsettled. You are ready to bolt for the door… or are you? Harnessing this nervous energy and make it work for you! • How ? • MOVE AROUND! • Is there really a need to bolt yourself to the ground? I’ve found that walking around the room and gentle gesticulating from time to time allows me to dissipate my nervous energy. 03/21/14 28Gull zareen
  29. 29. A - Acknowledge Your Fears • Fear is here to protect us, not paralyze us. • Don’t run away from being afraid! • Acknowledge it as being part of you… use it to identify the possible pitfalls. • Being prepared and your subject knowledge will give you self assurance. • And if they don’t, then at least you’re all ready to execute Plan B anyway! 03/21/14 29Gull zareen
  30. 30. R - Relax… • BREATHE! • Take deep breathes and Regulate your breathing! • Let the breathing regulate and calm your heart rate! 03/21/14 30Gull zareen
  31. 31. B - Believe in Your Value! • You’ve got to believe in the value of your message! • Know that your presentation has the potential to change lives! • Your words are powerful and can impact lives in more ways than one! • This best works together with Point T below. 03/21/14 31Gull zareen
  32. 32. U - Understand the Audience • Understand that the audience are here to hear you succeed! • They’re here for value and they want you to succeed! • They’re not here to poke fun at you… they’re here to listen to you speak! • You have something they want! . • Their leader and source of information… and only you can satisfy them. • YOU ARE POWERFUL! 03/21/14 32Gull zareen
  33. 33. S - Smile! • Changing one’s physiology and mental state. • If you slouch and look down ... • Conversely, if you were to quicken your pace, dig in your heels and run around (like your two year old nephew/niece), chances are you’ll be feeling on top of the world! • Smile and pretend that you’re enjoying yourself. • Soon enough, your body will tell your brain that you’re happy… and before you know it, fear will be drowning… 03/21/14 33Gull zareen
  34. 34. T - Talk to Yourself • Not why you Can’t, but why you can . • One of the best ways: • “What do I know that they don’t?” “Have the audience got my experience?” “What can I offer these people that my competitors can’t?” • Know your niche and build it up. • Then share it. You’ll be amazed how many people will pay to learn from you those specialized skills, knowledge and experience which you’ve built up over time! 03/21/14 34Gull zareen
  35. 35. E - Enjoy Yourself! • Get out on the stage and seek to have fun! 03/21/14 35Gull zareen
  36. 36. R - Rejoice! Don’t vissualise your self as a looser but as victorious at the end of the presentation. Think of the amount of gratitude your audience will have Think about the smiles and laughter which you would have created? • Say good bye to Mr. Negativity and Summon Mr. Positivity. • Thus, think about something that EMPOWERS YOU, not Paralyses you! 03/21/14 36Gull zareen
  37. 37.         Other Tips … •Be in the room early. •Yawn to relax your throat. •Doodle. •Don't drink caffeinated drinks. •Go somewhere private and warm up your voice, muscles, etc. •Power poses •Hide speaking notes around the stage area. •Shake hands and smile with attendees before the program. •Double-check your A/V equipment •Say something to someone to make sure your voice is ready to go. 03/21/14 37Gull zareen
  38. 38. Strategies When the Presentation Begins Gull zareen • If your legs are trembling lean on a lectern/table of shift your legs or move about. • Don't hold notes. • Use eye contact. • Look at the friendliest faces in the audience. • Do not comment on your nervousness. 03/21/14 38
  39. 39. Tips for a great speech… • Speak Up! Make sure to speak a little louder than normal conversation when you are giving your speech. • Slow Down! When you are giving your speech to your listeners, remember to slow your speech down a little bit and don't rush through the words. Make sure to enunciate and don't slur your words either. • Be Confident! You can do this! Believe in yourself! 03/21/14 39Gull zareen
  40. 40. In Short Understanding presentational anxiety and applying some of these techniques and suggestions will help you overcome the more paralyzing forms of stage fright. They might become very useful when you give your next speech. 03/21/14 40Gull zareen
  41. 41. Over View • Know the room • Know the audience • Know your material • Relaxation • Visualize giving your speech • Gain experience 03/21/14 41Gull zareen
  42. 42. Continued • People want you to succeed • Don’t apologize • Concentrate on your message-not the medium. • Turn nervousness into positive energy 03/21/14 42Gull zareen
  43. 43. Practice takes you from this.. 03/21/14 43Gull zareen
  44. 44. Ways To Improve Your  Personality 03/21/14 44Gull zareen
  45. 45. “ We continue to shape our personality all of our lives. If we knew ourselves perfectly, we should die."   Albert Camus   03/21/14 45Gull zareen
  46. 46. You can  improve your personality. •  Is personality Permanent.  • In 1890 William James, wrote in his influential workThe Principles of Psychology, that personality was "set in  plaster" by early adulthood.  • This view prevailed for over a century;  • However, the idea that personality is more fluid has  gained ground over time.  • We have realized that we have influence and control  over which traits and characteristics we want to develop  or refine. 03/21/14 46Gull zareen 
  47. 47. What is Personality? • The "personality" is the typical pattern of thinking, feeling, and  behaviors that make a person unique. • "good personality“ = likeable, interesting and pleasant to be with.  • Everyone wants to be attractive to others.   03/21/14 47Gull zareen 
  48. 48. Looks v/s Personality • 85 percent of your success and happiness will  be a result of how well you interact with others.  • Ultimately, it is your personality. • Can only enhance our looks to a certain extent,  but can improve the personality as much as we  want.  • We can develop or integrate any trait we deem  fitting and agreeable. 03/21/14 48Gull zareen 
  49. 49. STRATEGIES  • Be a better listener. • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis  was considered one of the most  charming women in the world  because she cultivated the skill  of being an exceptional  listener.  • Read more and expand your interests. 03/21/14 49Gull zareen 
  50. 50. Be a good conversationalist • Once you have much to contribute, learn  how to talk about it with others. No one  can read about or know everything, so it's  refreshing to learn from others those  things we don't have the time to about  read ourselves.  03/21/14 50Gull zareen 
  51. 51. • Have an Opinion • Meet New People • Be yourself. Molding yourself in order to fit in, or be  accepted, usually backfires. Express your   uniqueness.   Have a positive outlook and attitude. 03/21/14 51Gull zareen 
  52. 52. • Be fun and see the humorous side of life. • Be supportive of others • Have Integrity and treat people with respect. 03/21/14 52Gull zareen 
  53. 53. Communication Tools  • SOUND MORE INTELLIGENT Speak just a bit slower to allow yourself to select  your most appropriate vocabulary and to give the  impression of thoughtfulness.  • SOUND MORE POWERFUL Speak clearly. Do not shout or whisper. Use  short, simple declarative sentences.  03/21/14 53Gull zareen 
  54. 54. Continued… • SOUND MORE POLISHED Never answer a question with a blunt 'yes' or 'no.'  Append a short phrase of clarification. For example, "No,  I did not see it." "Yes, I know sir.“ • SOUND MORE ARTICULATE Make a special effort to pronounce the final sound in a  word and use its energy to carry over to the following  word. People will judge your competency through your  vocabulary 03/21/14 54Gull zareen 
  55. 55. Continued… • SOUND MORE CONFIDENT Carry your body up. Hold your head as if you had a crown on it. Do  not let your arms and legs have side-to-side motion when you move.  Keep your elbows and knees close to the midline of your body. • SOUND MORE POLITE Always remember to greet the listener before starting a  conversation or making an oral presentation. Tell the audience what  you are going to tell them.  At the end, summarize what you have  told them. • SOUND MORE TOUCHY  Try to judge how your listeners are more comfortable taking  information from you and make sure you feed them in the same way  as the want. 03/21/14 55Gull zareen 
  56. 56. To this…. 03/21/14 56Gull zareen 
  57. 57. Reference: • Covey, Stephen. ‘Seven Habits of Highly  Effective People.’ • • _body_language_shapes_who_you_are? source=facebook#.UHman88Cy7y.facebo ok 03/21/14 57Gull zareen 

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This is my lecture for my BBA class, it deals with the tips and techniques to over come stage fright and the skills to develop impressive personality


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