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Thankful for creative minds, Twitter, beer and...

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HBers take a moment to share what makes them thankful this year

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Thankful for creative minds, Twitter, beer and...

  1. Here at HB we think it’s pretty awesome to work in such an innovative, creative, collaborative and ever-changing industry. #thankful by The HB Agency Team Christine Tesseo - Design marketing Katherine Eckenfels - Design marketing
  2. . Responsive reporters I don’t have to stalk to get an answer. #Thankful Allison O’Quin
  3. l fu k n a y‘s t nc ha age le t hb_ eop o @ ve p t t ti nex crea o. Amanda Jayachandran sit d, to to nte fun tale crazy are h T #
  4. Brette Querzoli I’m for our bosses that push our teams to be the best. Oh, and our fridge full of beer.
  5. to work at an agency that cares to know what I’m thankful for, @hb_agency Catherine Ahearn
  6. y M s: t n ie l C they could work with another agency but they chose HB and I am so grateful. #thankful Christine Tesseo
  7. #Thankful that manual typewriters, whiteout faxes and reel-to-reel tapes are in the past, but bicycles & good coffee remain relevant. k Tan Chuc z owit
  8. Snap! No need to fight over the PR versus Creative wishbone this Thanksgiving. #thankful Dawn Sullivan The best of everything is @hb_agency.
  9. eri Jul ia Bu cchia n This year I’m #thankful to work with colleagues who appreciate & encourage creativity, big ideas and teamwork.
  10. Justin Hastings Incredibly #thankful for the opportunity to solve challenges through design and bring wonder to a customer experience.
  11. #Thankful to be part of a team of professionals who love what they do, care about each other, and encourage impromptu dance parties. Katherine Eckenfels
  12. The wealth of knowledge, collaboration and smarts among our #IPREX partners inspires me. Mark O’Toole #thankful
  13. #Thankful to be surrounded by , talent and amazing people – clients, partners and HBers. Kevin Hart
  14. This Thanksgiving, I am #thankful for being part of a team which reinvents itself all the time to stay relevant in a competitive industry. Matt Gustavsen
  15. BUZZF EED Molly Delaney I’m #thankful for my creative coworkers, @twitter for keeping me up-to-date on news, @BuzzFeed when I need a laugh & friendly reporters.
  16. #Cleantech, #medicaltech, #hightech offer opportunities for doing well while doing good. #thankful at @hb_agency. Nicolas Boillot
  17. Creative minds. Yoga pant Friday. Search engines. #thankful n Perri ck rmi McCo
  18. Thankful for journalists who still see value in answering their phones. #thankful et azin th B Ru
  19. I am #thankful for the very smart PR, creative and marketing professionals I’m surrounded by every day! Todd Van Hoosear
  20. What are you thankful for this year? Tweet at us @HB_Agency to share! Christine Tesseo is a Creative Strategist at HB Agency with professional experience in event marketing design, brand development and project management. Reach Christine at or on Twitter @cstess. Katherine Eckenfels is Junior Designer at HB Agency, working with PR professionals and fellow designers to create stunning graphics for clients. Reach Katherine at or on Twitter @keck123. To learn more about HB’s branding, marketing and public relations expertise, please visit