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Stage School Cheshire

  1. D A N C E C L A S S E S , B A L L E T C L A S S E S , S T A G E S C H O O L C L A S S E S
  2. Hayward Performing Arts stage school classes provide a carefully constructed learning package in Cheshire and Warrington which supports the academic curriculum to GCSE level, classes motivate and encourage children whilst they explore all three aspects of the performing arts. WELCOME TO OUR ACADEMY Free Introductory Classes Exclude Private Lessons and Adult Classes
  3. STAGE SCHOOL CLASSES Hayward Performing Arts Stage School classes based in our purpose-built studios in Warrington town centre offer children ages 5 – 18 years exciting weekly classes and workshops in dance, drama and singing. JUNIOR STAGE SCHOOL: 5 – 10 YEARS / SATURDAY 1.00 – 2.00PM SENIOR STAGE SCHOOL: 11 – 18 YEARS / FRIDAY 6.00 – 7.15PM
  4. WHAT IS TAUGHT IN A STAGE SCHOOL CLASS AT HAYWARD PERFORMING ARTS? We teach all aspects of theatre including singing, dancing and acting techniques. We provide an excellent foundation for singers here at Hayward Performing Arts Warrington. Students are taught how to develop their vocal skills in a healthy and safe way whilst exploring and extending their vocal range, sounds and vocal styles.
  5. WHY DO PEOPLE TAKE STAGE SCHOOL CLASSES? 01 Stage School classes are great for children of all ages who enjoy the many aspects of theatrical performances. 02 Stage School classes give a creative outlet for children who love to sing, act and move their bodies to music. 03 Stage School classes are fantastic for social development and the friendships that are created here at Hayward Performing Arts are lifelong.
  6. WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN STAGE SCHOOL CLASSES? Stage School classes at Hayward Performing Arts are taught by fully qualified, highly experienced industry professionals who nurture your child’s journey every step of the way. Children develop their skills in our tried and tested classes and workshops and are given every opportunity to reach their full potential whilst enjoying themselves immensely.
  7. WHAT PERSONAL QUALITIES DO STAGE SCHOOL CLASSES TEACH? Confidence and self-control Positive self-image and an enhanced sense of wellbeing How to work as a team towards a collective goal or new project. The confidence to perform in various settings. Develop new talents and skills. Being able to make conversation with new people. Developing healthy relationships with peers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. REGISTER NOW
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  9. CONTACT US 07891 765427 Lineva House, 28 - 32 Milner Street, Warrington, Cheshire WA5 1AD