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Power Point de Nelba PAULA Zurlo 

Publicado en: Empresariales, Tecnología
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  1. 1. The Winemaking process
  2. 2. Harvest• She is harvesting red grapes
  3. 3. Crushing• They are crushing bunches of red grapes
  4. 4. Pressing•This is the room wherepressing is carried out for theextraction of grape juice.
  5. 5. Fermentation•Here is naturally fermenting thejuice grape in the tank.•He is looking the temperature ofwine.
  6. 6. Clarification•
  7. 7. Bottling• He is bottling inmediately wine as in the case of Beaujolais Nouveau.
  8. 8. Aging• Here are aging the wine in barrels called barriques.
  9. 9. Controls• He is analising the quality of wines in the mobile laboratory.