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  1. Culture in the digital age
  2. Requirements of the Brief BBC Three and BBC England collaborated for the first time in 2022 to set up BBC England Northern Voices which is a scheme that invites independent production companies from the local area to submit ideas that reflect the life experiences of 16-24 year-olds in the region. I have been asked to do a 10-15 minute documentary with the theme of ‘Culture in the Digital Age’, capturing the culture of young people, and how onsets of digital technology have impacted upon this.
  3. Survey- researching the target audience I did a survey to find out more about my target audience and what they would anticipate for a documentary and what would make them want to watch it. Using this, I could ensure that my idea that I wanted to focus on (gaming culture and why God of War is a prime example of h0w gaming culture has evolved) was an acceptable idea and is something my target audience may want to watch.
  4. Client Research
  5. Research into existing products Due to the fact I have never created a documentary before, I decided to research into some existing documentaries so I can have a better understanding of the codes and conventions of a documentary (and what is typically in a gaming documentary.) Using this, I feel better equipped to create a high quality gaming documentary.
  6. Subject Matter Due to the fact that I was going to be primarily focusing on God of War as the prime example for how gaming has evolved, I had to research into how the God of War franchise has evolved and thus, I decided to simultaneously research further into existing documentaries with a God of War documentary which showed the evolution of Kratos and the series as a whole. Using this, I became more knowledgeable of the evolution of the God of War franchise.
  7. Focus group- researching the target audience To get further knowledge about my target audience, I decided to do a focus group so then I can potentially get more information about what my target audience likes and if they are a fan of my idea.
  8. My idea
  9. My aims
  10. My schedule Production Post-production: Monday- Production Monday- Editing Tuesday- Production Tuesday- Editing Wednesday- blogger Wednesday- Blogger Thursday- N/A Thursday- N/A Friday- Blogger Friday- Blogger