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UK Consulting Company Drives Lead Conversions with HubSpot

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kpi-insight, a leading consulting company in the UK, uses HubSpot's targeted landing pages for a 27% conversion rate for visitors to leads.

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  • Using hubspot as a lead generation tool not only delivers quaity leads but also helps you to build a marketing asset like no other.

    In fact Nic Windley & Associates started working with them in the UK as their technology is a great 'business development' tool for stimulating growth based on a systematic marketing approach that helps you to avoid the wasted time and money associated with traditional marketing and sales practices.
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UK Consulting Company Drives Lead Conversions with HubSpot

  1. 1. Customer Case Study: UK Consulting Company Drives More Leads kpi-insight consulting is a leading UK company that sells, implements and supports the business management system Deltek Vision. Chantal Verlinden, kpi-insight’s marketing manager, recently shared how she has been using HubSpot to boost lead generation. HubSpot Results Summary: High Visitor-to-Lead Conversions • Reached a 27% Conversion Rate on 30 Landing Pages • Increased Organic Traffic by over 50% in 6 Months • Increased Number of Leads by 60% Challenge: Limited Leads & Ineffective Tracking Prior to HubSpot, kpi-insight was finding new customers through direct mail campaigns, email marketing and referrals. Though these initiatives weren’t necessarily ineffective, the company actively sought a way to expand its lead generation. “We just wanted to increase the number of leads,” Chantal said. In addition to lead growth, kpi-insight also wanted to better track specific form submissions. “Before, we used to have one general download form after which visitors could view all of the downloads,” said Chantal. “So we had no idea what they were looking at,” she added.
  2. 2. Solution: Targeted Lead Tracking with HubSpot Landing Pages With HubSpot, kpi-insight has tremendously improved its lead tracking. Now the company is able to create landing pages on the fly, something they had to outsource in the past. “The landing page forms are very easy to create—it saves us a lot of time and money now that we can create them ourselves,” Chantal said. Thanks to the multiple forms she creates with HubSpot, Chantal is able to track campaigns individually. “Because we can see what they have downloaded, we can target our follow-ups much better and send them information relevant to their initial download,” she said. HubSpot’s Lead Intelligence provides another tracking platform that kpi-insight uses for lead monitoring. The tool shows a lead’s grade, contact information, pages viewed and social media profile. “It’s great to able to see which pages on our website they viewed—it gives us a much better profile of the contact, making the follow up easier,” Chantal said. When we did more research, we came to realize that there really isn’t any other company that does what HubSpot does— provide everything in one package. The average HubSpot customer gets 4.2x more leads after 5 months of active use of HubSpot. To find out what type of increases in leads a company with your current lead volume could expect, check out HubSpot’s ROI study at HubSpot’s integrated marketing software gives you all the tools to implement a successful online marketing strategy from increasing the top of your funnel through conversion, sales alignment and analytics. To learn more, check out HubSpot’s free trial or request a customized demonstration.