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HXR 2016: Designing for Addiction and Recovery -Lauren Stahl, SPARKITE

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This panel is comprised of parents who’ve lost their children to addiction, a parent whose son is in recovery, and individuals themselves in long-term recovery. We will hear directly from them about their struggles, the impact on individuals and families dealing with addiction, as well as their opinions on where the system could benefit from solutions. The addiction issue is complex and would benefit from solutions in many areas. We invite you to join us to hear first hand.

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HXR 2016: Designing for Addiction and Recovery -Lauren Stahl, SPARKITE

  1. 1. A D D I C T I O N S U P P O RT I N Y O U R P O C K E T
  2. 2. Sparkite provides addiction treatment facilities with a mobile aftercare support platform that holds clients accountable to their recovery, captures client relapses & increases referrals
  3. 3. What is Sparkite Mobile application that supports clients’ recovery Clients track progress towards their sobriety goals Ongoing support relationship allows center to identify relapsing former clients and bring them back for treatment Virtual community allows clients to receive support from fellow alumni and share useful resources
  4. 4. Treatment Facility Logo
  5. 5. Lauren Stahl (914) 274-0442 @sparkite @laurensparkite