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IAB Romania - Event plan 2013 with sponsorship packs

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IAB Romania event plan for 2013 - including dates of the events for IAB MIXX Awards and IAB Forum Romania - 2 of the most important events of the digital industry in Romania.

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IAB Romania - Event plan 2013 with sponsorship packs

  2. 2. IAB ROMANIA EVENTS’ MISSION: Support the development of the local online industry through relevant know-how, best practices, trend setting, information & networking - We invite you to join us in our actions to support the growth and development of the digital industry in Romania throughout our events and conferences: - IAB Forum 2013 - IAB MIXX Awards 2013 - IAB Dialogues - IAB Breakfasts - We target the entire digital industry: publishers, agencies, specialists, executives, CEOs, marketers, decision makers, creatives, journalists etc
  3. 3. IAB FORUM ROMANIA 20133rd Edition – 10th of October Main themeADD VALUE TO YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY Objective: Developing a mindset of “Digital as Added Value to the marketing strategy” – sell premium, sell value, sell better! Through: Best Practices, Measurement, Big Data, Creativity & Branding Focus: Valuable content sharing – expertise on digital sales, client relationship & reporting, measurement, use and management of data in the context of European Regulations, Growth through Creativity in the benefit of branding. Target: 100 people – publishers & digital agencies; online business owners, marketing managers
  4. 4. IAB FORUM ROMANIA 2013 Structure & Topics 1. Big Data – use & management; regulations; tools & trends 1. The next best thing in digital advertising – opening speech 2. Measurement trends - Making Measurement Make Sense – IAB US guest speaker 3. Regulations and use of data
  5. 5. IAB FORUM ROMANIA 2013 Structure & Topics 2. Focus on local growth 1. Romanian Online Advertising Value of s1 2013 – Ruxandra Bandila, Marketing & Business Development Manager PWC Romania 2. Romania in the Digital European Landscape – reality vs potential 3. UX – better understand usability in the benefit of digital advertising 4. AdOps & Inventory Management – AdMonsters guest speaker
  6. 6. IAB FORUM ROMANIA 2013 Structure & Topics 3. Trends & Trics 1. Creativity & Branding – full use of the digital brandscape – Rising Stars showcase 2. Online Advertising is fun! (Games & Online Advertising) 3. Other fun stuff like Augmented Reality & QR Codes – does it really work? 4. Mobile – the leverage of local Digital Advertising? 5. Closing note
  7. 7. IAB FORUM ROMANIA 2013 Workshops: 1. Digital Sales Workshop – Sell better, sell more, sell value! - 4 h workshop targeting publishers and sales teams - IAB US trainer on digital sales - Changing the mindset – sell premium formats - Happy client =more money - Reporting 2. Creativity + Client’s Satisfaction = Money - 4 hours workshop dedicated to agency people: creatives, accounts - Focusing on: Creativity & selling creativity to clients - Help your client make better digital marketing - Reporting & Advising
  8. 8. IAB MIXX AWARDS 2013- Within ICEE Fest 2013 The International Official IAB Digital Festival - The IAB MIXX Awards is an international IAB competition that honor the creativity, talent and strategy, thus pushing interactive advertising further and further. Focused on creativity and impact, the MIXX Awards evaluate all key facets of online marketing, including strategy, creative development and execution, media placement and integration, effectiveness and ROI. MIXX Awards are organized in several countries around the world (US, Belgium, Turkey, Poland, European Level etc) - The categories for which we reward the best campaigns are: Brand Awareness and Positioning; Direct Response & Lead Generation; Best Brand/Product Launch; Experimental and Innovative campaign; Cross-Media Integration; Branded Content & blogging Campaigns; Mobile App; Rich Media Display; Best Social Media Apps; Best Digital Mixx Campaign - This year – with a dedicated online voting platform
  9. 9. IAB Dialogues Events dedicated to the local specialists by industries: Agencies, Publishers, Sales Houses etc - Targeted type of events approaching one subject and debating it in front of and with the engagement of specialists - Aims to generate best-practices, task-forces, codes of conduct, research briefs - 2 – 3 events/ year - Audience: 50 – 70 people - 10th May – Rising Stars for a Rising Industry –Local and international case studies face 2 face - 20th of September – Making Measurement Make Sense – IAB US guest speaker - 21 November 2013 - AdOps & Inventory Management
  10. 10. IAB Breakfasts Bi-monthly meetings dedicated to the IAB Members - Networking and communication events dedicated to consolidate the relation between IAB activities and its members. - Aims to involve the members, ask for opinions, test concepts, present actions, form Task Forces, start research projects etc. - 2 hours, starting 9.30, in a central coffee shop - Exclusively for members - Based on a given theme (eg: Industry standards on display, mobile, etc – do they really work?; Digital Education; Digital Research; IAB Benefits, Digital challenges; advertising on illegal websites, safer internet for children etc) - 15 min intro presentation based on that theme - 20 min – Q&A - 2x10 min open slot for member’s speeches or presentations - Open talks and networking - Might be open to one guest speech – 10 min pitch from a guest
  11. 11.  SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES/year1. Main IAB Event Gold Partner – 20.000 Eur - Main partner to the IAB main events: IAB FORUM 2013 & IAB MIXX Awards Romania 20132. Main IAB Event Silver Partner (10.000 eur) - Secondary partner to the IAB main events: IAB FORUM 2013 & IAB MIXX Awards Romania 20133. Supporting IAB Main Event Partner (7.500 eur)4. IAB Dialogue Partner ( all 4 Dialogues) (10.000 eur)5. Event Endorser (5000 eur)6. IAB Breakfasts Supporter (5.000 eur)*If you are an IAB Romania member you’ll get 15% discount for thesponsorship package
  12. 12. General Media Partners 2013• Hotnews• Wall-Street Bloggeri:• 9AM -• IBU ProTv -• The Industry -•• Business24•• InformMedia• Other parteners:• • Hostway• • Communique• Digital IQAds • Eurid - .eu• Imedia Group • Makesense PR• Others - TBC
  13. 13. IAB Interested in supporting 2013 IAB Romania Events’ Plan? For any other information, please contact Ioana Anescu – Managing Director