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Identity and Access Management checklist

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IDM365 is developed for medium and large-scaled businesses, the user-centric interface allows business critical decisions to be made right where the knowledge and information is while keeping IT and Management in control.

The IDM365 Identity and Access Management backend can connect to almost any system or application on the market and provides the flexibility to adapt to each client's business. We have developed tools which allow us to speed up the implementation process, ensuring minimum costs while maintaining maximum accuracy and control.

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Identity and Access Management checklist

  1. 1. Identity & Access Management Checklist Onboarding & Offboarding Do you have a tool to effectively manage onboarding and offboarding across all systems, or is this done manually with help from IT or a service desk? Modernized Identity & Access Management Do you have a user management front-end for your systems and applications? If so, is it user-friendly or does it require technical skills? Compliance Does your company have any difficulty maintaining compliance due to human error injected into access controls, users with too much access, or orphaned accounts? What regulations does your company have to follow? SOX? ISO 27001? Any others? Maintaining Effective Access Control Do you have the relevant tools needed to manage, update, maintain and report on all identities and access rights across all systems, creating a Single Point of Truth? Control Over Access Levels Do information owners in your company provide the right level of access to resources when a user is internal or external? How is the security managed? Audits Does your company perform internal and external audits yearly? Is this process done manually? Access Control for Systems Can you control and safeguard privileged accounts? Maintaining Access for Consultants Does your company have problems managing access for consultants? Do they have to wait days before they are up and running with the right access and do you have a process in place for timely closure? Resetting Passwords Do your users have to call IT or a service desk for a new password every time they forget it, or do you have a self-service option in place? Approval Processes Does your company have the necessary automated approval processes in place to ensure compliance (e.g. enforcing SoD rules), handle workflows, and otherwise save time and improve efficiency? System Deployment When introducing or phasing out systems, do you do it user by user, access right by access right?