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Bring in Money with P2P Lending

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Bring in money with P2P Lending. Using sites like Prosper and Lending Club you too can leverage the opportunity to borrow cash from people willing to lend you their money. Get our free online course

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Bring in Money with P2P Lending

  1. 1. Peer-to-Peer "P2P" Lending
  2. 2. Course Objective To understand why and how to use Peer-to- Peer Lending platforms.
  3. 3. Key Learning Outcomes ● Building Winning Profiles ● Best Practices ● Pros & Cons of Using P2P ● Understand how to use P2P Platforms to Bring in Short Term Capital ● Use The Platforms as a Way to Build Credit
  4. 4. Why P2P Lending is Important ● Secure quick loans ● Tool to learn about borrowing money ● Provides a new financial medium ● An easier platform to get loans ● Fewer middlemen ● Good alternative to bank financing ● Unsecured Loans: No Collateral Required ● A way to build credit
  5. 5. Unprecedented Access to Capital ● People have borrowed from banks for a long time. The value of the banking system has decreased because you can now find the same small loans with lending sites. ● Real investors are on these sites ● Real investors want to find deal prospects ● Opportunity to build rapport with investors
  6. 6. Typical Criteria ● U.S. citizen or permanent resident ● Valid bank account ● Minimum FICO score ● Minimum Debt-to-income ratio ● Minimum loan: $1,000 ● Maximum loan: $35,000 Average interest rate is 12%; Range of interest rates: 7% to 30%; three-year loans with no prepayment penalties
  7. 7. Building a Robust P2P Profile ● Quality Picture(s) ● Use headline to demonstrate passion ● Describe capabilities to best position yourself ● Be specific on use of the money
  8. 8. P2P Lending & Startups Debt can be a difficult burden to bear for a start-up company and it is encouraged that you find funds elsewhere first.
  9. 9. FAQ'S Why do P2P instead of borrowing from a bank? ● Banks require collateral ● P2P loans are often made because of an emotional hook
  10. 10. FAQ'S Pros & Cons of P2P Lending? Pros ● Good return for investors ● More options for borrowers ● Fewer hurdles than traditional banking Cons ● Limited maximum loan amount ● Fees
  11. 11. FAQ'S At what point am I ready to put my profile on any of these sites? Be prepared. Make sure you do your homework and your application material is as complete as possible. The better prepared you are and better you present yourself, the more likely you are to have success.
  12. 12. Next Steps ● Join our Master Fundraising Course ● Join us now for 50% off ● "FAN" ● Feedback: Jason (at)