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UX and E-learning

A good User Interface may not always result in good User experience in E-learning. Let us see how!

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UX and E-learning

  1. 1. ? ?? USER EXPERIENCE USER EXPERIENCE What’s E-learning got to do with it?
  2. 2. Most of us are already acquainted with the significance of UI and UX in our daily lives.
  3. 3. The physical interaction between human and machine, commonly known as Human Machine Interaction is achieved through User Interface.
  4. 4. The overall experience that the learner attains during that interaction is known as User Experience.
  5. 5. E-learning encompasses engaging learning activities in form of interactions, simulations, knowledge checks etc.
  6. 6. But if the designer focuses solely on engaging the learner, the entire user experience can go for a toss. Click Click Click
  7. 7. Now, think about going to a mall to buy a perfume. The staff is engaging you with all these different samples and you get so lost in the aroma that you end up buying nothing. Sounds familiar, isn't it? Try this No, Try thisUmmm…Try this Try this
  8. 8. Your curriculum design might be aesthetically pleasing but if the learner gets stuck in it, then it won't be called a good User Experience. HELP ME!!
  9. 9. Try and incorporate the following for a good user experience:
  10. 10. Navigation and Design Consistency 01
  11. 11. If the first slide of the course has navigation buttons on the bottom-right; try and keep them there for rest of the course. If the clickable boxes are Grey, keep them consistent throughout the course.You got the drill, Right?
  12. 12. Usability 02
  13. 13. Always treat your learner as a novice and impart them with proper guidance even it seems pretty simple to you. For Example, you may know that the Tabs are clickable but they might not. Stuck
  14. 14. Don’t Over do it 03
  15. 15. Don’t get carried away while designing highly interactive courses. Focus on Teaching more than Engaging, don’t put useless TABS when the content can be crisped.
  16. 16. Summing it all: Usability Navigation and Design Consistency Don’t Over do it UX in e-learning
  17. 17. Thank you!!! Designed by: Neha Tandon