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Dynamics Day 2014: Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Customer Service Excellence

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A look at why it makes sense to provide service and support using Dynamics CRM. This session covers the customer service experience building blocks and the features and benefits of Unified Service Desk (USD).

Dynamics Day is Australasia's leading event for users of Microsoft Dynamics. For those of you who couldn't make it along to the event, we have made all session content available online.

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Dynamics Day 2014: Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Customer Service Excellence

  1. 1. Customer Service Excellence Dylan Haskins, Dynamics CRM Architect, @thexrmguru Bruce Edwards, CRM Practice Lead, @BruceAE
  2. 2. Our agenda Introduction Service & Support in CRM – why it makes sense Customer Service Experience Building Blocks The Unified Service Desk Questions
  3. 3. PRESENTERS Bruce Edwards CRM Practice Lead  15 years CRM industry experience  Overall responsibility for CRM solutions  Consulting & Technical background  @BruceAE Dylan Haskins CRM Solution Architect  15+ years CRM experience  CRM Technical God  Microsoft CRM MVP & Microsoft Partner seller  @thexrmguru 
  4. 4. Service & Support in CRM Why it makes sense.
  5. 5. Am I adapting to cross-channel behavior of my customers? How do I deliver a good experience at a reasonable cost? How do I reduce “Agent Effort”? How do I build customer satisfaction? How do I ensure the right people are working on the right items?
  6. 6. The face of your business Customer Service Drives Continued Business to your company
  7. 7. Companies must adapt to the new customer journey Care everywhere Earn customers for life with responsive, relevant, effective service. Market smarter Plan and deliver engaging campaigns with quantifiable results end to end. Sell effectively Focus on what matters to close more deals faster.
  8. 8. “The only purpose of customer support is to change feelings” Seth Godin Your Awesome Presentation Title {Segoe UI 12 pt.}
  9. 9. Customer Service Experience Building Blocks
  10. 10. Channel Expansion Core Service Customers Value Mobile Case updates on MOCA infrastructure Unified Service Desk Agent desktop for integrating different channels and applications Email Enhancements Automatic conversion of email to case Case Management State of art case management , parent-child, merge Ability to set up different customer service schedules by geo Profit Center Differentiated Service Effortless Seamless Consistent Experience Entitlements Ability to define entitlements by channel, product Service Level Agreements Flexible tracking service For different KPIs Queuing Public & Private Queues and Routing rules
  11. 11. # In Standard SLAs, times are tracked on case entity fields, statuses do not get tracked automatically
  12. 12. Unified Service Desk (USD) Key Capabilities Single unified interface for accessing all the tasks and applications required to complete customer interaction processes Customer Service Excellence | 13
  13. 13. What do Contact Centres Want ?
  14. 14. Desired Process Flow in a Contact Centre
  15. 15. Thank you