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Curriculum Vitae 19.07.2009

CV Jaime Wael Christensen

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Curriculum Vitae 19.07.2009

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Jaime Wael Christensen B.Sc. Chemical Engineering Polymer Scientist – Product Development – Project Management Address Sæbyholmsvej 43 DK - 2500 Valby Mobile +45 2877 4650 E-mail Summary More than 10 years experience with polymer technology - I have worked as consultant in materials selection, materials development, polymer analysis, mechanical testing, polymer processing and teaching in polymer technology. I have also experience with development of medical devices made of polymers at Coloplast. 5 years experience as Project Manager responsible for key projects in the Wound Care Division at Coloplast. I have been responsible for several projects; one being the development of a new wound care dressing to secure a strong portfolio. The product Biatain is a major brand and has today a 3-digit mln. DKK turnover. 7 years experience with product development as Manager in R&D - I have demonstrated good skills in managing the people, innovation/technology and business interaction. As part of the R&D management team I worked on overall planning, project prioritization, resource allocation and pre-project evaluations. My responsibility also covered leading development and IPR work ensuring high quality, ISO, GxP and regulatory understanding as well as customer focus using e.g. Lean. Personal qualifications Others describe me as: Empathic – Good to listen and understand what is on peoples mind enabling me to better match the professional with the personal situation increasing results Curious – My attitude to technical challenges as an example is to search to understand what is behind a situation like e.g. why a plastic component might fail in service Analytical – I encounter a problem with a systematic approach by working from a hypothesis and setting up an investigation plan Creative – Thinking out of the box has shown to contribute to good solutions in my work on development projects Patient and persistent – working with contractors this has proven to be a valuable skill in the complex processes and collaborations this may be occasionally CV Jaime Wael Christensen Page 1 of 4 19 July 2009
  2. 2. Work Experiences Polymer technology • Carry out polymer material and component selection • Testing and analysis of raw materials, barrier films, components and additives • Make failure investigation of polymer components • Carry out mechanical testing • Develop service testing and accelerated aging testing • Working with technologies and materials for drug release • Development of polymer processes • Teaching within polymer technology Project management • Manage cross-functional teams • Evaluate and understand customer needs • Define project scope and develop design specification • Prepare time planning and resource management • Ensure quality assurance, risk management and design validation and verification • Make key player analysis and communication plans • Ensure product delivery and transfer to production Product development of medical devices • Understand regulatory requirements in class I-III medical devices • Make documentation and DHF system • Working with GXP regulation • Working with validation requirements • Development of material for use as drug release matrix Customer understanding • Listen and responding to the customer (integral part of the Coloplast values) • Implementing action plan based on conclusions from input gathered at customer focus group interaction events • QFD analysis – converting customer needs to product specification Work Places 2006-2009 Senior Scientist, Coloplast Key responsibel for implementing new adhesive technology platform Key contact responsible to external suppliers of adhesive technology Project manager on process qualification trials 2005-2006 Senior Technology Manager, Coloplast Manager of highly skilled team Responsible for developing new skin adhesive platforms CV Jaime Wael Christensen Page 2 of 4 19 July 2009
  3. 3. Responsible for support to operations, marketing, sales on existing adhesive platform Responsible for budget, resource allocation, project support 2004-2005 Department Manager, Coloplast Manager of highly skilled team Part of R&D management team Responsible for developing of new materials Responsible for materials for core product and sterile packaging Responsible for support to operations, marketing, sales on existing product platform Responsible for budget, resource allocation, project support 1998-2004 Team Manager and Project manager, Coloplast Responsible for developing of line extensions Three line extension were successfully launched which contributes with more than 20% of the brand turnover Manager of highly skilled team Part of R&D management team 1995-1998 Project Manager, Coloplast Responsible for developing new wound care dressing. The dressing was successfully launched and has today a 3-digit mln turnover and a well-known brand name. 1985-1995 Consultant, Technological Institute Co-responsible of polymer testing lab with 6-8 technicians Responsible for adhesive technology solutions Course leader and teacher on two courses: Aging and Service Life Determination of Polymer Materials and Testing and Analysis of Polymer Materials. Education 1999 SIMI Scandinavian International Management Institute, Copenhagen Diploma in Managing Medical Product Innovation 1988-1992 Copenhagen Business School Diploma in International Business (HD-U) 1980-1985 Technical University of Denmark (DIA-K) Chemical Engineer, B.Sc. Focus on polymer technology Main project carried out with external company, Maglemølle Papirfabrik, and I received top grade (13). 1977-1980 Maribo Gymnasium, Denmark Natural Science / Mathematical Examination Gymnasium CV Jaime Wael Christensen Page 3 of 4 19 July 2009
  4. 4. Courses • QFD Green Belt Course, 3 days, QFD Institute, Glenn Mazur, 2008 • Lean - Set Based Development, 2 days, Simpler, Rob Westrick, 2008 • Coloplast Advanced Leadership Programme (ALP), 13 days with focus on: 1) Personal leadership, 2) Team and people leadership, 3) Business understanding and goal setting, Summit Consulting A/S, 2006 • Must win battle seminar, 2 days, Coloplast, 2005 • Story telling seminar, 2 days, Cancare, 2005 • Lean Development course and VVSA event, 5 days, Simpler, 2004 • Coloplast Leadership Education – Young Managers, 11 days with focus on: 1) The leader roll and personal empowerment, 2) Leader types and communicative behaviour, 3) Coaching and team management, 2002 • Presentation skills (Levende mundtlighed), 3 days, ’Tekst og tale’, Knud L. Lau, 2001 • Patent course, Coloplast + Patentdirektoratet, 1 day, 2001 • Negotiation skills seminar, 2 days, Teamcon 1999 • Project management II course, 4 days, Coloplast, 1999 • Wound healing course, 3 days, WHRU, Cardiff, 1999 • Project management I course, Coloplast, 1996 • Idea generation and training, 4 days, Coloplast, 1996 • Microsoft Project seminar, 1 day, 1996 • Patent course, 1 day, Coloplast, 1996 • Adhesive course, Coloplast Research, 1996 IT Skills MS Office: Excel, Word Power Pont, MS Project, MS Visio, Lotus Notes Mail and databases Languages Danish: Mother tongue English: Fluent Spanish and French: Understanding and reading: Good, Speaking: Medium; Writing: Basic German: Understanding and reading: Good, Speaking: Basic; Writing: Basic Private I am born in Spain in 1961 (Danish mother and Spanish father) and went to school in Denmark. Today I live with my wife and my son at 11 years and her children at 14 and 18 years. My wife works in Regulatory Affairs at Genmab. I enjoy reengineering and reconstructing our villa in Valby My cultural interests are books, movies and experiencing other cultures when travelling I like sports like cycling, alpine skiing and scuba diving CV Jaime Wael Christensen Page 4 of 4 19 July 2009