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How to #YouTube #Stories for #Creators

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How to #YouTube #Stories for #Creators. Now YouTube is the only marketing ambassador for businesses from start-ups to grown brands. It’s not an opinion of one or two billion business brands are believing that YouTube is the live income supporter with million consumer engagement.

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How to #YouTube #Stories for #Creators

  1. 1. 8.5%ofsubscriberscount acceleratesweeklythe creatorswhoparticipatein activestoriesonYouTube. HowToYouTube StoriesForCreators HowToYouTube StoriesForCreators
  2. 2. UnlikeInstagram and Facebookstories,YouTube Storieswillnotexpire,and thecreatorscanadd multiple.
  3. 3. thestoriesarecreatedin shortform,andmoreover, theyaremobile-only videos.
  4. 4. YouTubeStoriesletthe YouTubecreatorsgetin touchwiththeirfansoften byaddingthesimpleand on-goingactivity.
  5. 5. After7daysofuploading thestorywillexpire.Now theyareinbeta.
  6. 6. Theviewerscanseethe storiesbelowvideoson watchpageandalsosee onthehomepage