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Crafting a Branch of the Future

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How to create a design strategy in the digital age.

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Crafting a Branch of the Future

  1. 1. Crafting a Branch of the Future Design Strategy in the Digital Age Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Founder and President SLDNXT
  2. 2. • Major shifts occurring • New way of thinking is emerging • Gaining alignment is key • It’s a journey, not a destination Design Strategy in the Digital Age
  3. 3. Disruption = Frictionless World
  4. 4. Disruption breaks down User Experience into two buckets DETACHMENT Low value transactions ATTACHMENT High value transactions
  5. 5. Job to be done: • REDUCE FRICTION by helping customers automate low value transactions. • CREATE IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES that delight consumers and engage all senses for transactions that have high value to them.
  6. 6. 35% to 55% fewer branches by 2025 Branch Relevancy?
  7. 7. SLD Stealth Attrition Study 2017 Visits remain high. But consumers are not satisfied with the financial advise banks are providing.
  8. 8. Every visit is an opportunity to connect and to add value
  9. 9. 51% of millennials would prefer to spend money on an experience than a material item SLD Millennial Engagement 3.0 Study, September 2015
  10. 10. 26% of consumers define an immersive experience as receiving better service SLD Immersive Online Study 2018
  11. 11. People Digital Physical Success: seamless alignment
  12. 12. The definition of physical evolving
  13. 13. Digital Physical Transactional Consultative Branch Archetypes Consultative Branch Digital First Hybrid Pop-Up Community Co-Host Ecosystem
  14. 14. New Branch Archetypes are Emerging: Consultative Branch
  15. 15. 15 The Community Branch
  16. 16. The Co-Host Branch
  17. 17. 17 The Hybrid Branch
  18. 18. The Pop-Up Branch
  19. 19. The Digital-First Branch
  20. 20. The Ecosystem Branch 20
  21. 21. Principle #1: Drive deeper engagement Efficiency Centric • High level of offering consistency • Focus on right-sizing branches • Strong focus on transaction • Technology enabler to reduce operating cost Customer Centric • Ecosystem driven by customer needs • Focus on right-fitting branches • Strong focus on expertise • Technology enabler to drive knowledge-based sales
  22. 22. Seamless digital
  23. 23. Digital transformation is a journey Intrusive Interactive Immersive Intelligent
  24. 24. Mobile Zombies Biometric Security Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things Digital Game Changers
  25. 25. New digital platforms emerging
  26. 26. Seamless and integrated
  27. 27. Scalable and disruptive
  28. 28. Smart phones can be our ally Answer my questions using my smartphone 55% Speed up process by completing forms 38% Provide improved banking apps 38% Smartphone productivity desires
  29. 29. Smart phones can be a barrier Greeter welcoming me and directing my visit 71% Provide engaging in-branch digital experiences 65% Teller recognizing them and calling out their name 81% Gain attention away from smartphones
  30. 30. 13.60% 8.80% 9.09% 8.37% 10.46% 7.65% 10.80% 9.00% 12.28% 11.03% Mobile Phone Augmented reality Digital in-store signs Digital mirrors to visualize the final solution In-store robots (Home Depot concierge) Virtual reality room Gesture controlled digital wall Geo-located offers (beacon) Tablets Multi-touch interactive digital sign Mobile, tablet and multi-touch interactive lead needs and fit SLDNXT Immersive Online Study, 2018
  31. 31. Principle #2: Connect with story Online Reach Mobile Experiences Social Validation Digital Signage Experiences Interactive, VR & AR Experiences
  32. 32. 14 Welcome Desk Seating with tablets Wealth Management VR Innovation Zone VR Meeting Pods ATM Wealth Management Offices Wealth Management Waiting Area Large Digital Screen Wall Business Banking AreaCash Banking Area Manager’s OfficeVIP Cash Area VIP Internet Banking Electronic Banking Center
  33. 33. 3 5
  34. 34. Get deeply emotional
  35. 35. Principle #3: Define your audience personas. Talk to people with a message that is relevant to them. SLDNXT | STEALTH ATTRITION STUDY | 2017
  36. 36. Taking a deeper look at how your customer feels
  37. 37. EY Banking Study 2017 Understanding customers level of confidence is critical in delivering a message that will connect with them.
  38. 38. Respondents
  39. 39. Virtual Reality (VR)
  40. 40. Principle #4: Shift from transaction to advice Convenient Transactions Financial Confidence Ecosystem
  41. 41. Leading transformation alignment
  42. 42. Action Item #1 Clearly define project mandate and team: • Identifying cross-functional teams • Develop a project charter • Gain internal alignment
  43. 43. Action Item #2 Use a clearly defined process Customer needs and priorities as part of banking journey Identify the opportunities / scenario from evolution to revolution Explore potential scenario / virtual customer experiences Confirm the ideal experience factors and dimensions Adapt the ideal experience to the real world environment Validate the ideal experience and ensure coherent execution Define Customer Journey Discovery Scenario Ideation Validation Prototype Roll-Out Design Deliver
  44. 44. Define Ideation Validation Prototype Roll-Out Design Deliver Customer Journey Discovery Scenario
  45. 45. Utilize an agile iterative design process I d e a t i o n Customer s t o r i e s Scenario Action Item #3
  46. 46. Understanding Emotions Gaining Diverse Input Visualizing Near Reality The Agile Opportunity Projecting the Future Ability to effectively identify and validate a yet-to-be-defined future state.
  47. 47. Leverage Virtual Reality (VR) and Neuroscience tools for deeper insights. Action Item #4
  48. 48. Action Item #5 Create a strong insights program
  49. 49. Action Item #6 Develop strong communication tools
  50. 50. Key Opportunity Questions • Where do you stand on the digital transformation journey? • Are there friction points in your customer branch journey you wish were solved? • Are you considering an agile process to respond to rapid shifts occurring in the marketplace? • What are key opportunities you are currently considering our firm can bring added value?
  51. 51. DESIRE: the ultimate definition of brand loyalty Book release in June 2018
  52. 52. THANK YOU! JEAN-PIERRE LACROIX 416-367-1999