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How to overcome common team collaboration challenges using MS Teams

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How to overcome common team collaboration challenges using MS Teams

  1. 1. How to overcome common team collaboration challenges using MS Teams Jenkins NS Architect 09-Mar-2019
  2. 2. Hi! I am Jenkins NS  SharePoint & Office 365 Solution Architect  @Cognizant  International Speaker and Blogger   @jenkinsns  Blog :  Facebook Page :  Github :
  3. 3. AGENDA What to use when 1 2 3 Architecture Welcome to Microsoft Teams 4 Modern Collaboration Journey Demo5
  4. 4. Modern Collaboration Journey  Collaboration Has Changed  Collaboration Is Not What It Use To Be  Collaboration Is Not Technology  Technology can be the enabler
  5. 5. Collaboration Has Changed  Internet smart technologies and cloud computing has changed everything  The collaboration experience has evolved  Collaboration is now more than ever considered business critical  Employees care about their collabration environments
  6. 6. Collaboration Is Not What It Use To Be  Content creation not just about “word or excel”  Collaboration not about meeting rooms are e-mails threads  Ideation not just about post-it notes  Work is no longer just a location  Working is not just sitting at your desk with your laptop  Knowledge management is not about structured folders on huge file shares  Experts are no longer only the ones with the grey hair  Employees demand collaboration environments
  7. 7. Collaboration Is Not Technology  Team and Teamwork  Communication  Knowledge  Connections  Sharing and openness  Culture  Mindset  Experience
  8. 8. Technology can be the enabler The technology can support and guide your collaborative environment. But at the same time it can also totally destroy it. The technology moves faster than your business. You must understand your culture and demography To be the collaborative enabler you need to build strategies, supporting your business objectives, but also be prepared to change them
  9. 9. What to use when
  10. 10. Microsoft 365: Universal Toolkit for Teamwork Hub for TeamworkCo-AuthorConnect Across the Organization Intranets & Content Management Email & Calendar TeamsOffice AppsYammerSharePointOutlook Office 365 Groups Single team membership across apps and services Microsoft Graph Suite-wide intelligence connecting people and content Security and Compliance Centralized policy management
  11. 11. Microsoft 365 Teamwork: Where to start a conversation Office 365 Groups Outer LoopInner Loop Files Sites Content SharePoint Email
  12. 12. Different groups have different needs Siloed Apps  Friction across applications – multiple logins, difficulty sharing and discovering information Wasted Time  Context switching between different apps drains attention and time Shadow IT  Incomplete toolset can lead to inconsistent security, compliance and risk
  13. 13. Different groups have different needs Complete Collaboration Solution  Office 365 addresses the breadth of collaboration needs across your company Integrated Experiences  Office 365 Groups and Graph enable integrated experiences that facilitate effective collaboration Security and Compliance  Office 365 delivers the security, compliance and manageability required in today’s workplace
  14. 14. Welcome to Microsoft Teams
  15. 15. Chat-based workspace in Office 365 Chat for today’s teams Communicate in the moment and keep everyone in the know Customizable for each team Tailor your workspace to include content and capabilities your team needs every day. A hub for teamwork Give your team quick access to information they need right in Office 365 Security teams trust Get the enterprise-level security and compliance features you expect from Office 365.
  16. 16. Microsoft Teams : The hub for teamwork in Office 365 Communicate through chat, meetings & calls Collaborate with deeply integrated Office 365 apps Customize & extend with 3rd party apps, processes, and devices Workwith confidence enterprise level security, compliance, and manageability
  17. 17. Get Microsoft Teams on all your devices.
  18. 18. Create Teams Microsoft Teams SP Team Site Office 365 group Exchange
  19. 19. AAD sync AAD Microsoft Teams Currently supported Group property updates Group manager changes Group member changes Group hard delete User property updates User hard delete  Sync normally completes in 15 minutes.  SLA is 24 hours Operations performed on Groups are synched to Microsoft Teams
  20. 20. Where Are My conversations Stored? Chat service In memory processing for speed Leverages Azure storage (blob, tables, queues) Substrate / Exchange Chat and channel messages are also stored in Exchange for information protection Conversation images Images are stored in a media store
  21. 21. Where Are My Files Stored? 1:N chats Files are uploaded to OneDrive for Business and permissions are set for the members of the chat Team conversations Files are uploaded to SharePoint. A folder is associated with each channel in the team Cloud storage Dropbox, Box, Citrix ShareFile, Google Drive
  22. 22. Architecture  Designed for the cloud  Agility at scale  Amplify the value of O365
  23. 23. Teams Client Architecture Web Windows Mac WP iPhone/iPad Android Angular Electron Desktop Mobile UWP jQuery, lodash etc.. (200+ Open Source Components) IOS Android TypeScript, Node, SASS C# Swift Java HTML5/CSS Browsers: Edge, IE11, latest Chrome, latest Firefox Desktop: Windows 10, 8.1, 7(SP1), Mac OS X 10.10+ Optimized for agility Auto-updates C++ Objective C
  24. 24. Teams Conversations Logical Architecture
  25. 25. How Team Enables Information Protection Chat service Microsoft Teams O365 Information Protection tools  eDiscovery  Legal Hold  Compliance content search  Archive  Retention  Audit Logs  Email  1:1 chats  Group chats  Channel messages  SharePoint Files  OneNote  OneDrive for Business O365 substrate
  26. 26. Microsoft Teams Guest Access Architecture One identity  Azure Active Directory (AAD) is the master for Teams identity and membership across Office 365 (Teams, SharePoint, Apps, etc.) Federated resources  O365 services extend with their data (e.g., conversations stored in Teams chat service & documents stored in SPO & OneDrive) Loose coupling  Services notify each other of changes to a team (e.g., creation, deletion, updates)  Using sync from AAD to Teams, Exchange Online AD and SharePoint Online AD they achieve reliability if they miss notifications Guest Users addition directly via AAD AAD O365 Groups AAD O365 Groups Identity Resource URLs Owners Members Guest Users addition by team owners in Teams
  27. 27. Components  Team and channels  Users - Owners, Members, Guests  Conversations  Working with Tabs  Connectors  Search  Communicating in Teams  Meetings in Teams  Video Meetings  Sharing Files  Working with Mobile App  SPFx to Teams Tab
  28. 28. Demo
  29. 29. Who wants a Goodie ! In a single team, How many team members able to add?
  30. 30. In a single team, How many team members able to add? A. 100 B. 500 C. 1000 D. 5000
  31. 31. Who wants a Goodie ! What is included when creating a Team?
  32. 32. What is included when creating a Team? A. Office 365 group B. External user group C. Windows User group
  33. 33. Who wants a Goodie ! What are the options to access Teams?
  34. 34. What are the options to access Teams? A. Web, Android, IOS, Mac, Windows, Linux B. Web, Android, IOS, UNIX, Windows, Mac C. Web, Android, IOS, Windows, Mac
  35. 35. Resources to Learn More Assistance for customers to realize their vision with Microsoft cloud services Resource Link Office Blog Office Roadmap Product Help Known Issues List Team Developer Hub https://TeamsDeveloper
  36. 36. Thank You Jenkins NS @jenkinsns How to successfully drive Office 365 adoption in your organization? Vignesh Ganesan