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  2. PURPOSE • The purpose of the magazine is to, educate and inform the music community of big named artists and upcoming artists of who is performing soon and where and when you can see them
  3. STATEMENTS OF NEEDS The reason to buy this magazine is because of these three reasons, • unlimited access at home or on the go • you can never miss an issue if you buy the whole year edition • you can also receive your exclusive magazine and be the first to read it before it even hits the shop shelves.
  4. COMPETITION • The competition for music magazines at the moment meaning our magazine can shine. Some of our competition include, • KERRANG • MOJO • BBC MUSIC Each of these cover similar content, however our magazine is unique and contains new and exciting information.
  5. • This magazine is a concert magazine meaning it will be quite bright and in your face. • The size of the magazine will be 45 pages long all filled with information on concerts happening in Hertfordshire. • It will be produced every 4 weeks on Mondays
  6. Target audience • The target audience for the concert magazine will be any gender and any ethnic group aged between 16 - 38. • There is also a secondary audience of people who just enjoy the music and these could be from any gender or ethnic group.
  7. CONTENT • The main title of the magazine will bold yellow orange and red to make the whole magazine stand out when it is sitting on the shop shelf. • The layout of the magazine is simple and very easy to navigate around • The font of the headlines and body will be in serif font to make it stand out
  8. CONTENT • I chose the yellow, orange and red because it is representing the summer time and happiness that the concerts provide. • It will also include pages on interviews with the bands or artists to get some information on them so that the audience can know a bit more about them.
  9. CONTENT • The font for the Masthead and the headline of the magazine would be Vampire Wars font. • Along with this the double page spread will include many pictures of bands or artists past or present, and on some pages
  10. Distribution and marketing • We will promote the product throughout social media platforms and on websites that concert enthusiasts browse. • This magazine will be distributed throughout shops, and online through the company website
  11. BUDGET •The roles of the magazine and their salaries •fact checkers - £240 Per Week •editors - £280 per week •photographer - £340 per week •writers - £270 per week •models - £230 per week •cost of equipment laptop - £800 cameras - £200 SD cards - £50 tripod - £45 battery - £50
  12. PRODUCTION COMPANY • We are a small individual company that focus on areas that other companies do not. • Some of these unique areas that we focus on our interviews and a more in-depth evaluation of the bands and the artists.