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Digital transformation: the digital workplace

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The digital workplace and the future of work: introduction to the opportunities and risks that digital technology brings

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Digital transformation: the digital workplace

  1. 1. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION The digital workplace
  3. 3. The digital workplace Digital offices v Remote working and hot-desking Efficient working Managing information People and digital risks v v /
  4. 4. The digital workplace Remote working > Pros o Smaller, cheaper offices 0 Often very motivating for certain people 0 Enables very flexible working hours > Cons o Monitoring required: home distractions o Cost of suitable “office” furniture, laptops & secure Internet connections o Technical problems e. g. broadband issues may be hard to support 0 Damage to team spirit 0 Feelings of isolation > Teleconferencing systems required to enable remote meetings
  5. 5. The digital workplace Hotdesmng > Pros 0 Some saving in office space 0 Information sharing as people work near non-team members 0 Storage on the hard drive no longer an option >Cons o Personal space: territoriality; desks and chairs; cleanliness o May be hard to find people o Increase in emails as people don’t talk face to face o Team spirit may be damaged o Failure to log out of apps and sites may result in security problems
  6. 6. The digital workplace Efficient working > Thinking apps > Mind mapping > Note taking and thought organisation: Evernote and Letterspace > Networking: Humin, Linkedln and Outlook > Phone management: ringtones and SMS responses > Time management: Outlook calendar (used efficiently): apps such as Workflow > Email management > Folders > Rules e. g. “file without reading" > Links to projects and calendars
  7. 7. The digital workplace Managing information > Storing information 0 Good desk-top search increases efficiency greatly o Content management systems enable redundant file deletion as well as forcing version control > Creating and sharing knowledge 0 Innovation processes, multifunctional teams and work communities stimulate knowledge creation o New knowledge must be “codified” so it can be shared as information o Help people discover what they know and persuade them to share o Knowledge can be “curated” with tools such as Evernote and Flipboard > Communication 0 Ways of dealing with email overload critical to efficiency
  8. 8. The digital workplace People and cyber risks > Digital information at risk from insiders o Trust: people open to phishing and other scams o Usability: difficult to use systems are simply ignored o Social and cultural issues can make safe behaviour less likely 0 People take data for personal gain e. g. when they plan to leave > Cyber security needs to go beyond IT Department 0 Responsibility of everyone, at every level o Regular training backed up with “socialising” safe behaviour
  10. 10. Digital workplace Benefits of collaboration ) ) ) ) / Rapid innovation and discovery Efficient information transfer and ease of finding expertise Enhanced teams & improved motivation Lower travel costs Destruction of work silos
  11. 11. Digital workplace Pat‘ Working on documents > Screen sharing: people work on a document at the same time o Avoids version control problems o Enhances collaborative thinking > Document collaboration tools: people work on the same document sequentially or with a final editor 0 Benefits include: - Use real-time comment and messaging features enhance project speed - Presence indicators show when others are active on documents - Users can set permissions and manage other users‘ activity - Users can set alerts to keep abreast of latest activities per file or user - Users can collaborate and share files outside the company network - Security compliance and audit trail o Tools like Google docs and Office Live offer good functionality
  12. 12. Digital workplace Collaboration on projects > Project collaboration tools like Basecamp > Free cloud-based tools like Dropbox and enterprise social media like Yammer o Need to ensure security 0 May need to add disciplines that are not built in such as version control > Nascent opportunities to take advantage of “micro-moments” at work using mobile devices
  13. 13. Digital workplace Workshops > Digital technology can enhance traditional workshops o Digitising flipcharts and Post-| t’s for recording and analysis e. g. eBeam and Post-It Plus app 0 Multiple screens linking multiple data sources and teams e. g. Ob| ong. com
  14. 14. DIGITAL HR
  15. 15. Digital workplace Digital Human Resources > Recruitment and the employer brand > Managing people > eLearning
  16. 16. Digital workplace Recruitment and the employer brand > Recruitment and social media > Use of social media especially Linkedln can reduce agency costs massively > Use of social media profile analysis can enhance data about candidates but care need to be taken around privacy and discrimination > Security issues > “Public” recruitment can lead to leakage of strategic information > Social media can be used to enhance the employer brand > Profiling what work life is like on YouTube > Public conversations between employees on Facebook and Twitter > Employer review sites such as Glassdoor need to be monitored for negative content
  17. 17. Digital workplace Managing people digitally > Easier analysis e. g. of workforce needs, retention rates, salary comparison, utilisation rates > Simpler office processes such as timesheets, expense management, holiday requests > Workforce engagement enhanced with surveys and automated messages or prompts (e. g. congratulatory messages) > Skills tracking e. g. what programmes are being used > HR risks (e. g. potential leavers) can be monitored through network Al and social media activity > Remote working benefits
  18. 18. Digital workplace eLearning and skill development > Internal development of knowledge Innovation workshops Multifunctional teams and best practice groups > Wikis Work-based communities of interest Social media with peers outside organisation > Benefits of eLearning Allows community discussions and comparison of answers Consistency Scalability — no need for individual trainers Content is easy to update Can be accessed remotely and at any time, at the user's own pace > Provision of training on mobile devices v v v v v v v v v
  19. 19. THANK YOU Jeremy Swinfen-Green, Charlotte Childs 07855 341 589 hel| o@mosoco. co. uk