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Which Color Ensures More Success for your Brand?

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In every major category, the two leaders are usually defined by either red or blue. Here we see which color is more successful.

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Which Color Ensures More Success for your Brand?

  1. 1. Which Color Ensures More Success for your Brand? @JimMacLeod
  2. 2. Think about your favorite products. What color comes to mind when you think of them? Now, what color comes to mind when you think of their competition? There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve envisioned red and blue for the two companies. Over the years I’ve noticed one major trend across many different industries: the two leaders usually “own” either red or blue as their primary corporate color.
  3. 3. Cola Wars Coca-Cola: 17.6% / Pepsi: 8.8% Market Share
  4. 4. World Series Championships Boston Red Sox: 8 / New York Yankees: 27 Wins
  5. 5. Presidential Elections Republicans: 18 / Democrats: 15 Wins
  6. 6. Big Box Chains Target: $72.6 / Wal-Mart: $482.2 Revenue in Billions
  7. 7. Comic Books Marvel: 36.78% / DC Comics 32.47% Market Share
  8. 8. Budweiser Budweiser: 1,978.5 / Bud Light: 4,866.9 Liters Sold in Millions
  9. 9. Cable Providers Comcast: 22.6M / Time Warner Cable: 11.2M Video Subscribers
  10. 10. Cable News Networks CNN: 535,000 / FOX News: 1,720,000 Prime Time Viewers
  11. 11. Full Time Staff
  12. 12. Online Video YouTube: 7 billion / Facebook: 4 billion Daily Video Views
  13. 13. Or ...
  14. 14. follow the lead of the most successful company in history and go with white.
  15. 15. Republicans/Democrats Coke/Pepsi Marvel/DC Bud/Bud Light Comcast/TWC CNN/FOX Fire/Police in-the-us.html, Facebook/YouTube youtube-as-no-1-for-video-views-and-advertisers/ Apple @JimMacLeod