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Cash for My House: The Smart Solution to Selling an Inherited Home

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When you have inherited a home there are multiple options to selling. One solution is accepting cash for your house. An inherited home has expenses and sometimes costly repairs. Listing the inherited home may not be ideal for your family for a variety of reasons. It can take months for you to find a buyer while you and your family simply want to liquidate the estate and look forward to the future. Accepting cash for your house can save you money. JMS Home Buyers is a local company. We buy homes in Charlotte solving problems for homeowners quickly.

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Cash for My House: The Smart Solution to Selling an Inherited Home

  1. 1. Cash for My House: The Smart Solution to Selling an Inherited Home
  2. 2. Inheriting a Family Home is Emotional  Dealing with the loss of a loved one  Quickly become real estate professionals − Repair − Market − Sell house  Selling a house can take a long time: − State of local market − Condition of house
  3. 3. Why Should I Accept Cash for My House? 1. Maintain Relationship with Family 2. Better to Accept Cash than to List 3. Save Money 4. No Repairs
  4. 4. “Accepting cash for my house maintained relations with my family.”  Emotional fallout of bereavement = Awkward position of dividing money  The longer it is left, the more stressful it becomes − Relatives want to know what they stand to gain from the estate − They want it taken care of as soon as possible − Adds stress to executor − Can damage family relations  Accepting cash for a house avoids potential damages to family dynamics
  5. 5. “Is it better to list it instead of accepting cash for my house?”  Selling a house is in the valuation − Common misconception − Rare that a house will sell for asking price  Houses can be tens of thousands below list price − Charlotte area – 2016 – average sale price 68% of list price  Can take months for people to accept the actual price houses sell for − Creates constant stress of trying to realize the home's imaginary, inflated value
  6. 6. “Accepting cash for my house saved me money!”  An inherited house is not free of expenses and obligations − Outstanding mortgage payments − Utility bills − Good, sale-able condition  Waiting for the right price and buyer takes time − Paying twice as many bills − as normal − A house can take months to sell
  7. 7. “Do I have to make repairs before I accept cash for my house?”  Present condition − Main factor of selling a house − Many inherited homes have − fallen into a state of − disrepair − House lacked necessary − maintenance  Repairs can cost thousands of dollars  Cash buyers factor repairs into valuation
  8. 8. Cash for My House - Charlotte  At JMS, we understand the pressure placed upon the executor of an estate and the stress of waiting to achieve a market valuation  We buy homes in and around the Charlotte Area − Including University City  We offer cash for your house to start and finish the process of selling an inherited home
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