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6 Myths About Painting and Art

John B. Wilson discusses 6 myths about painting and art in this in-depth presentational blog. For more information, please visit!

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6 Myths About Painting and Art

  1. 1. JOHN B. WILSON 6 MYTHS ABOUT PAINTING AND ART Prepared by John B. Wilson
  2. 2. Introduction Many people tour art galleries or other events and believe they could never create works similar in quality to those produced by others. There are many myths surrounding the ability to create art that commonly keeps people from having the freedom to express themselves. However, by dispelling the myths, more individuals might begin exploring their creative side. JOHNBWI LSON. I NFO
  3. 3. JOHNBWI LSON. I NFO Requires Talent Some artists have natural ability. However, talent is not all that is required to create dazzling works of art. Anyone can learn the many basic elements that include the tools used, color interaction and perspective. You also do not need to wait for a magical creative moment. Simply explore ideas and start painting.
  4. 4. Need the Desire All that anyone needs to start painting is the desire and the persistence to continue learning and honing the craft. An artist must develop their imagination, sensibilities and vision. JOHNBWI LSON. I NFO
  5. 5. Creating Art Must be Easier Painting does not come easy. As with any hobby or skill, painting requires a moderate degree of learning and persistence to grow in ability. With ongoing practice and experience, budding artists see improvements.
  6. 6. Perfection Believing that every work of art you create must be perfect soon leads to disappointment and disillusionment. Artists are not afraid to learn from their mistakes. Instead of insisting that every work attain perfection, learn something new each time. Accept a challenge, learn new techniques and strive to grow. JOHNBWI LSON. I NFO
  7. 7. Drawing Ability is a Must Would be artists often have the misconception that paintings must begin with a drawing that then includes added color. While some artists begin their works using this technique, it is not required. However, whether someone has the ability to draw or not, they must still learn the skills required to become a painter.
  8. 8. Smaller is Better Each canvas size presents a unique challenge. The subject matter should determine the size of painting that an artist creates. For budget reasons, a novice may choose less expensive smaller canvases. But, in creating a smaller work, an artist may find that they must have a steadier hand and a keener eye. JOHNBWI LSON. I NFO
  9. 9. Must be Colorful Every color represents a different characteristic and adding too much may result in a cluttered mess. Contrast, depth and tone are much more important than the number of colors put on the canvas.
  10. 10. Thank You! For more information please visit JOHNBWILSON.INFO