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What you must do on your trip to London - John B. Wilson

John B. Wilson discusses what you must do on your trip to London in this in-depth presentational blog. For more information, please visit!

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What you must do on your trip to London - John B. Wilson

  2. 2. Introduction London is one of the most exciting cities in the world. It offers a wide variety of things to do, no matter what the visitor is interested in. For those traveling soon, it can be a good idea to plan ahead and know what locations to visit. Here are some of the must-see things in London. J O H N B W I L S O N . I N F O
  3. 3. J O H N B W I L S O N . I N F O The Tower of London The Tower of London is an absolute must for first-time travelers to London. It stands on the banks of the Thames and brings to mind the city’s violent past. Spend time in the different towers, including the famous Bloody Tower, and see the ravens that supposedly still guard the tower.
  4. 4. The British Museum For history enthusiasts, this can be a vital part of the trip. The British Museum offers ancient artifacts from countless different cultures and has items on display from the very beginning of humanity. It is an unmissable place and one that happens to be free. J O H N B W I L S O N . I N F O
  5. 5. Portobello Road Market Every Saturday morning, Portobello Road comes to life with stalls and carts that offer antiques, curios, and ethnic foods of all types. There is something here for everyone, including those who are into vintage fashion. Get there early, though, because the crowds can get overwhelming past noon.
  6. 6. The London Eye See London from above by visiting the London Eye. The view is stunning from above, making it possible to see all of the major landmarks. The view is great during the day, but at night, with the city lights lit, it can be a stunning thing to see. Come early, though, since lines can be long. J O H N B W I L S O N . I N F O
  7. 7. Churchill War Rooms For those who are history buffs, this is not to be missed. The Churchill Bunkers feature a museum of Churchill’s life as well as a recreation of the War Rooms. It allows visitors to feel as if they are living through history, watching World War II happen. Be prepared to spend a few hours there. All of these locations are excellent options for those visiting London for the first time or for the tenth. There is so much to see and do in this city, that most people find themselves coming back over and over again to experience new things. Why not get started today?
  8. 8. Thank You! For more information please visit