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John Litteral Resume

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John Litteral Resume

  1. 1. John Litteral PO Box 427 Mount Vernon In. 47620 (661)303-7334 Project Manager/ Welder I am a result-oriented construction Project Manager who works efficiently and effectively to complete projects on time and under budget. I am seeking employment in my profession with the goal of finding long term employment where I have the opportunity to grow with a company and becoming a valued team member. Overview  Extensive new construction and oil and gas maintenance supervisor experience  Over 25 years’ oil and gas industry experience  Over 4 years’ experience in the commercial construction industry Technical Skills, Knowledge & Experience  Job coordination and contractor, company and subcontract management  Project planning and quality control  Safety performance and compliance management  Mechanical drawings and blueprints  Vendor and material management  Project estimating and purchasing  Proficient in Microsoft Office  Facility upgrades  Drilling programs and support  Oil and gas lease maintenance management  Certified Pipe Welding Employer Summary  Truitt Oilfield Maintenance (Bakersfield, Ca) Dec. 1996 to Dec. 2015 Operations Manager, Superintendent, General Foreman, Certified Welder. I started with Truitt as a Certified Welder where I gained the knowledge to move up to a maintenance foreman. Where I excelled as a team leader, as the company grew I was given more responsibility as a Maintenance Superintendent and then as an Operations Manager.  Gene Watson Construction (Bakersfield, Ca) Feb 1996 to Dec 1996 Certified Welder, I was responsible for the repair and maintenance to the Steam Generation Facilities.  MT Mechanical (Salt Lake City, Utah) June 1992 to Jan 1996 Foreman, Certified Welder, I was responsible for the fabrication and installation of various mechanical systems, hot water heating, cooling, and steam and condensation systems.
  2. 2. John Litteral PO Box 427 Mount Vernon In. 47620 (661)303-7334 Training  Management/Leadership training (Occidental Petroleum Corporation)  CSO Code of Safe Work Practices  CSO Emergency Action Plan  CSO Fall Protection  CSO Fire Safety  CSO Hazard Communication  CSO Hydrogen Sulfide  CSO JSA/Job Safety Permit  CSO Line Breaking  CSO LOTO Training  CSO Producer’s Permit Procedures  CSO Producer’s Safety Requirements  CSO Proposition 65  Qualified Person Safety Training  Rigging & Signalman Training Class  Safety in Motion Module 1 through 5  Stop Work Authority Training  Supervisor Training – Safe Work Plan Development  Supervisor Training – Zero Accident Process  Competent Person Training  Confined Space Training  H2S Training References on next page
  3. 3. John Litteral PO Box 427 Mount Vernon In. 47620 (661)303-7334 List of References Clint Watts Office – (661) 412-5881 Cell – (661) 378-0043 Growth Operation Supervisor California Resources Corporation Ferris Mitchell Cell – (701) 595-2477 President Tekton Engineering and Construction John Moore Office – (661) 797-7002 Operations Supervisor California Resources Corporation Casey Shumate Cell (405) 249-5526 Production Manager Francisco Molina Cell (661) 623-5594 Engineering Advisor Spec Services Jim Robinson Office (661) 529-4383 Cell (661)332-0343 Vice President of Health, Safety and Environment California Resources Corporation
  4. 4. John Litteral PO Box 427 Mount Vernon In. 47620 (661)303-7334

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