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Jon King PPP slideshow

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Jon King PPP slideshow

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Notas del editor

  • “Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Champion” is just my spin on the Wizard of Oz, for I will be the man in the background creating champions.
  • I am Jon King, an Internet Marketing student from Palm Beach, Florida.
  • I grew up in a boxing family, and naturally I want to continue the family legacy.
  • My father managed some of the greatest fighters ever, and I want to follow in his footsteps and help fighters reach their goal as champion.
  • My first step in pursuing my career in boxing management, was attending Florida A&M University for Business Administration.
  • At FAMU I developed a passion for marketing, and decided to merge that passion with my love of sports and boxing.
  • I was a chartering member of the Epsilon Psi chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon at Florida A&M.
  • After FAMU, I continued my education in marketing at Full Sail University, where I study Internet Marketing.
  • During my early tenure at Full Sail, I began an internship at Don King Productions
  • I helped in the marketing department, creating print media for upcoming events.
  • I also created and ran the company blog named Inside Don King Productions. The website can be found at
  • I filmed, edited and posted videos to help promote the fighters and events for Don King Productions.
  • The most valuable part of the internship was the ability to network with prestigious people in the sport.
  • Using the relationships from Don King Productions, I was able to find a Job at
  • I filmed live professional boxing & MMA events across the United States.
  • We filmed a lot of boxing and MMA events, and at these events I was able to continue networking in the industry, as well as develop strong relationships with other professionals.
  • Why sign with me? Is a question that all of my hard work at FAMU and Full Sail, and as a professional will soon answer.
  • I have a distinct competitive advantage in the boxing industry. From my family to my knowledge of Internet Marketing I have a serious edge.
  • As one of the youngest in the industry (not including the athletes) I have an advantage with my youthful ideas for marketing and promotion of an athlete and brand
  • Utilizing creative marketing techniques to promote my athletes and their brand
  • The use of social media and a company website will help develop a relationship between the athlete and the fan. Also will aide in the promotion of upcoming events.
  • Through my family I have developed a lot of friends in the industry, many of whom I call family. More relationships have developed during my short time as a professional in the industry.
  • I face a few entry barriers entering the boxing industry as a manager.
  • It costs money to handle the careers of others, and without financial backing for my company, it will be a struggle to satisfy my clients and to sign big named fighters.
  • Signing new professional fighters means the journey to the top will take longer. This also means my business reputation will grow at a slower pace as well.
  • Sign today as an athlete, and I will work to make you the next champion. “I will set them up, and you knock them down.”