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Costumes,props and actors

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Costumes,props and actors

  1. 1. Costumes, Actors and props. Costumes- All of the suspects that are featuring in my film opening will be wearing suits. This is going to be used to show the wealth and class of the criminals. This will also be to show that they have lots more power over anyone less superior than they are. This is also going to be used to show that the characters might believe that they are professional and that the criminal events that they commit like the murder that is going to be show in my opening is like a carer or a lifestyle, this is to initially show that they have done this before. I am going to also make sure that the coloured suits they wear are going to be dark and gloomy, this will be to show the audience that this is because these characters are dark and dangerous. This dark costume will also look even more effective with the low lighting I am going to contain in my opening. This will make the characters look very powerful and dominant compared to anyone else featured in my film opening. The victim however is going to be wearing casual clothing this is going to be so that it contrast between the powerful and the weak. Thus is going to be effectively used sop that my audience can clearly separate out who is good and who is bad in the opening sequence. I think this will make my crime/gangster film more realistic as whilst looking at my crime genre conventions most films have this. Props- I won’t actually be using many props at all during my Opening film video. The only Props I shall be using are the following: - Fake Pistol/Gun - Rope - Fake Blood - Chair for Victim to sit on - Notepad and pen This is the type of Suit that I will be aiming for my suspect characters to be wearing in my opening scene.
  2. 2. These will all be necessary during my video this is because these will all be need to create the events and atmosphere I want. Actors – Dave- Gaz- This is Matt he is going to be playing the role of Dave. I have chosen to use Matt as this part due to his good acting skills. I think that personally he will be able to pay this role perfectly due to the similar personalities. I also thing that Matt will be able to understand the meaning of the message that I want to portray in my film and I think that he will be able to adapt to this role quickly making it easy to film. I am going to use Matt also because he is very reliable, I know that he will able to help me film my work and will be there whenever I need him even if there are problems that occur during filming and I need to do it again. I am looking forward to filming this piece because I know that Matt will be able to play this character brilliantly due to his acting skills and his passion to giver it his best shot. Matt will be wearing a suit and this hell help fit his character perfectly so that the audience know what this character is like.
  3. 3. Jordan- Victim- This is Solomon he is going to be playing the Role of Gaz. I have chosen to use sol as this part due to the fact that I believe he will be able to play this characters exactly how I want him too. I have chosen sol because Gaz is a character of anger and violence and someone that is going to be able to show that he can commit some horrible and dangerous crimes. I think sol will be right up this street as this is the type of character he can play the best. I have also picked sol to play this part because I know that he is a reliable person. I know that when I actually need to shoot and film this piece I can rely on him to be able to be available to help me. I know that if that I have problem with the filming and need to re do any of my footage I know that sol will not have a problem with this and will rush to come and help me because of the type of person he is. This is Luke He is going to be playing the role of Jordan. I have chosen matt because I think that he is going to be able to play this role perfectly. Luke is going to be actually perfect for this role because he is a very good at acting. Luke is going to be able to fit in with this Character very well because I know that once he knows what he is going to be doing at saying he will get right into character and get the role perfect. Also like all of the other actors I have chosen Luke is a very reliable person and I like the way that I know I can count on him when it comes to filming. I. I am looking forward to working with Matt because I know I won’t have any regrets choosing him to contribute in my project. Luke has contributed in some of my work before and done a very good job so I know that he will be a very good quality actor for my piece. This is jack and he is going to be playing the role of the Victim witch I do not have a name for. I think that jack will be a great actor for this role. He will be able to show great emotion thought this character because jack is very good at acting. I have chosen jack because during the filming where jack will be involved the atmosphere will have to be very serious and intense. Jack will be