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Project Feasibility Study

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Project Feasibility Study

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Project Feasibility Study

  1. 1. Joy Kenneth Sala Biasong, MPA, MBA, MEd., D.M., Ed.D., Ph.D. Resource Person
  2. 2. Feasibility Study systematic gathering and analysis of data and information which aims to find out the practicability and profitability of a proposed business undertakings. ( R. Roque: MAS)
  3. 3. Project Feasibility Study  Nature  Benefits  Aspects  Processes  Roles of MAS Practitioner in the Preparation of Project Study  Limitations/ Constraints
  4. 4. Financial Study  Attributes  Steps  Parts
  5. 5. Major Aspects of PFS  Management  Marketing  Technical/ Technological  Taxation  Legal  Environmental  Financial  Sources of Financing  Profitability  Socio- Economic Desirability
  6. 6. Financial Study  Statement of Assumptions  Projected Financial Statements  Possible Sources of Outside Financing  Details of Various Amounts Contained in the Financial Statements  Analysis of Financial Projections ( R. Roque: MAS)
  7. 7. Group Activity Exhibit A- Format of the Project Feasibility Study Exhibit B- Guidelines in Preparing Financial Reports Project Proposal ( Management Engineering) Exhibit C- Sample Project Feasibility Study (See Word Files)