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OuluES Human Accelerator: Dream Workshop

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This was my second iteration of Dream Workshop (original one given in Boost Turku's Human Accelerator, Feb 2018)

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OuluES Human Accelerator: Dream Workshop

  1. 1. DREAM WORKSHOP OULUES HUMAN ACCELERATOR Juhis · @hamatti · 25.9.2018
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Who AM I? I’m juhis community builder, dreamer & adventure currently @ futurice @hamatti in twitter
  4. 4. what’s gonna happen today? 1) what are dreams? 2) My dreams 3) 2 warmup exercises 4) dream canvas 5) action plan canvas
  5. 5. “People need to have dreams they won’t achieve” - My dad
  6. 6. what are dreams?
  7. 7. what are dreams? 1. better than status quo 2. concrete, actionable goals 3. measurable
  8. 8. Become An Idea Machine: Because Ideas Are The Currency Of The 21st Century
  9. 9. DREAM WORKSHOP Loosely based on Meri Saarivirta’s future workshop from april 2013 to help you focus on your dream to provide actionable plan and a roadmap
  10. 10. WARMUP #1 PAIR UP WITH SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW FIRST PERSON STARTS BY SUGGESTING AN ACTION — “Let’s GO TO A MOVIE!” The other one replies with “No, BUT …” (example: “No but let’s go eat!”) REPEAT FOR 5 minutes
  11. 11. WARMUP #2 continue with the same person FIRST PERSON STARTS BY SUGGESTING AN ACTION — “Let’s GO TO A MOVIE!” The other one replies with “yes, and …” (example: “yes, and let’s buy popcorn!”) REPEAT FOR 5 minutes
  12. 12. WHAT’ya dreaming of?
  13. 13. WHAT DO I WANT TO
  15. 15. ACTION PLAN CANVAS METRIC How do I know I have reached my goal? MILESTONES Write down 3 milestones that help you guide your way 1. 2. 3. DAILY ACTIONS What do I need to do every day to reach my goal? Learning skills (what, how?), meeting people (who, where, how?), etc RELEVANT STRENGTHS Which of your skills help you reach your goal? RELEVANT BAD HABITS Which of your habits are stopping you from reaching your goal? MENTORS Who are the 3 people who can help you reach your dream? 1. 2. 3.
  16. 16. Read or watch! “So Good they can’t ignore you”, cal newport (book) “how to win friends and influence people”, dale carnegie (book) “Ikigai: the japanese secret to a long and happy life” (book) “last lecture: Achieving childhood dreams”, randy pausch (youtube)
  17. 17. @hamatti PLEASE FILL IN FEEDBACK paper so I’ll have something to read on the train to home