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AWS Code{Commit,Deploy,Pipeline} (June 2016)

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Talk @ AWS Summit Tel Aviv, June 2016

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AWS Code{Commit,Deploy,Pipeline} (June 2016)

  1. 1. Julien Simon, Principal Technical Evangelist @julsimon AWS Code{Commit,Deploy,Pipeline}
  2. 2. What to expect from the session A few slides of AWS Developer tools Demo of CI/CD pipeline with a web application This isn’t an introduction to DevOps J I’m also assuming you’re pretty familiar with EC2, ELB, ASG, IAM, CloudWatch etc.
  3. 3. DevOps development lifecycle developers delivery pipelinesservices releasetestbuild releasetestbuild releasetestbuild releasetestbuild releasetestbuild releasetestbuild
  4. 4. = 50 million deployments a year (1.5 deployment every second) Thousands of teams × Microservice architecture × Continuous delivery × Multiple environments
  5. 5. Setting up a delivery pipeline Testing Staging Production deploy deploy deploy Source Build release AWS CodeDeploy AWS CodePipeline AWS CodeCommit
  6. 6. AWS CodeCommit Use standard Git tools Scalability, availability, and durability of Amazon S3 Encryption at rest with customer-specific keys git pull/push CodeCommit Git objects in Amazon S3 Git index in Amazon DynamoDB Encryption key in AWS KMS SSH or HTTPS
  7. 7. AWS CodeDeploy Easy and reliable deployments (zero downtime) Scale with ease Deploy to any server Test CodeDeployv1, v2, v3 Production Dev
  8. 8. AWS CodeDeploy and EC2 Instances •  CodeDeploy requires an agent, available for Linux and Windows (aws / aws-codedeploy-agent) •  CodeDeploy can deploy to: •  On-premise instances (configuration required) •  Existing EC2 instances (configuration required) •  New EC2 instances pre-configured for CodeDeploy thanks to a CloudFormation template (no configuration required) •  AutoScaling groups
  9. 9. Enabling CodeDeploy with User Data #!/bin/bash -ex yum install -y aws-cli cd /home/ec2-user/ wget https://aws-codedeploy-us- agent.noarch.rpm yum -y install codedeploy-agent.noarch.rpm service codedeploy-agent start
  10. 10. AWS CodeDeploy Key Components
  11. 11. AWS CodePipeline Connect to best-of-breed tools Accelerate your release process Consistently verify each release Build 1) Build 2) Unit test 1) Deploy 2) UI test Source Beta Production 1) Deploy 2) Perf test Gamma 1) Deploy canary 2) Deploy region 1 3) Deploy region 2 1) Pull
  12. 12. AWS CodePipeline Key Components
  13. 13. AWS Code partners
  14. 14. Hands on with the AWS Code services CodeCommit source control CodePipeline continuous delivery CodeDeploy automated deployment Explore-Continuous-Delivery-in-AWS-with-the-Pipeline-Starter-Kit
  15. 15. Next steps DEEP DIVE ON CODE DEPLOY @ AWS re:Invent 2015 AWS CodeDeploy: Automating Your Software Deployments (DVO306) LEARN MORE AWS CodeDeploy & CodePipeline User Guides GET STARTED J
  16. 16. @julsimon