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Industry Information You Could Be Creating

This PreZine is best viewed in full screen. Isn't it about time you shared all that wisdom? Why not? Especially if the content you create with it can bring traffic for your site.

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Industry Information You Could Be Creating

  1. 1. Industry ContentYou Could beCreating This PreZine is brought to you by the content creators at Jurevicious Studios.
  2. 2. Use Your Industry KnowledgeAs a successful professional, you’ve gained alot of industry wisdom over the years, so whynot share what you’ve learned?You are in the perfect position to attractvisitors to your site simply by giving themindustry information they can use.When your brains and the talents of a bloggercombine, you can create web content thatimproves the business as a whole. Start withthese seven themes and let your experience fillin the blanks. You can target your traffic for your industry too at
  3. 3. Defining Your IndustryConsider what you first needed to understand when beginningyour career. Starting with basics like the definitions ofimportant, industry-specific terms, may be more of a trafficgrabber than you think. Whenever someone is researching your Make sure plenty ofindustry because they are new to it, your site becomes a potential people see yoursource. definitions with a traffic package from Getwebsitetraffic.orgOnce your industry definitions become trusted, visitors will likelycome back for more in-depth information as they progress into the
  4. 4. Become the ReferenceStart with definitions, but then work your way up to in-depthreferences materials. These should be a lot more extensiveas far as length and details, but in an engaging way thatmakes them easy to read and learn. Establish a fanFind out what people are searching in your industry, and following. Find out how atcreate content that helps them get that information straight Getwebsitetraffic.orgfrom the source.
  5. 5. Step-by-StepFor some people, a straight-forward articleabout what a tool or strategy is simply isn’tenough. They learn best by seeing it inaction. For these people, it’s a good idea tocreate how-to articles that go through each With targetedstep in important industry processes. visitors from people will finallyConsider focusing on the learning stages in understand how it’s done.your career and what took you awhile tofigure out.
  6. 6. What’s Up Your Sleeve?Once people have a firm handle on the industry, they wantto know what’s going to take them to the next level. This iswhere perfecting their strategies comes in, which meansthey’re looking for any tip or trick that might improve their Need help gettingproduct or give them an advantage. more traffic? Check out Getwebsitetraffic.orgYou don’t have to give up your trademark secrets, just givethem something that’s worked for you in the past.
  7. 7. Answer the CallYour website probably alreadyhas a Q&A section for yourproducts and services, but whatabout for your industry as awhole?Pay attention to the questionsyour customers and peers ask.By spending time answeringthem with some sound advice,you create compelling contentthat many more will want toread. For this kind of interactive content, you need a lot of real visitors. Get them at
  8. 8. Breaking News BlogOne sure way to continue creating important content is by becoming a trustedsource for industry news. People will want to know what’s happening with yourcompany and the industry as a whole, as well as what looks to be next. Aheadline a day should keep readers returning to get up to date on events theyneed to know. Make sure everyone hears the news by getting visitors from
  9. 9. What Do You See?Of course, there are many companies trying to create the best industrycontent, so it’s important to have something unique. When contributing to yourcontent, make sure to look for a new perspective or an original idea. You caneven simply add an element of surprise. Don’t forget to considermultimedia.If you can find a way to bringsomething to the industry that they’ve never seen before, where else would they go to see anything else? If you need unique and intriguing content made for your site, head to Jurevicious Studios.
  10. 10. Confidence is KingOnce you start contributing to the informationsources for your industry, you gain a brandidentity of expertise and authority. That cansnowball into more business, more content, andthus, more of a following.Take charge of your content and give yourcompany the confidence it needs to succeed. Once you have all that content and confidence, it’s time to send in the visitors from