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Become HopAmbassador by Hopineo

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You want to make a difference while travelling? You want to meet the locals? You want to contribute to a more responsible tourism? You want to get involved in Hopineo? Become a HopAmbassador!

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Become HopAmbassador by Hopineo

  1. 1. [HOPAMBASSAD        R]   #BeHappy  #Travel   #Share   Better trips for better days! BECOME   « Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. ! Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. »" Margaret Mead, Anthropologist."
  2. 2. You want to enhance your knowledge of responsible tourism, while traveling or around home?! You are ready to live amazing experiences with new people, committed to the daily making of a better world? ! You look forward to contribute to a non-profit organisation dedicated to the co-construction of a better tourism, and a better world?! [HOPAMBASSAD        R]   BECOME  
  3. 3. [HopTrips]   [HopHosts]   [HopSolutions]   A  little  vocabulary  to  start  with:   #Unique and #Authentic travel #Experience with a tourism professional committed to a #responsible approach (accomodation, restaurant, tour or other touristic facility).! >>HopTrips #Swap: A particular kind of HopTrip where the traveler swaps his time and skills in exchange for room and food. He may lend his own competencies and / or provide his host with the field expertise collected by the other travelers of the community." Small and medium #Independent touristic facilities, involved in a #Responsible #Approach (accommodation, restaurants, tour operators, local guides…).! All of them offer visitors a unique and authentic travel experience.! All of them have been visited by a HopAmbassador, or recommended by a network member.! Set of practical and proven solutions (know-how, best practices and innovations) to lead a responsible tourism, collected or prepared in the field by the HopTripers and HopHosts.!
  4. 4. What  do  you  need  to  become  a  HopAmbassador?   You don’t need particular skills or knowledge to be a HopAmbassador. " All you need is the will to contribute to the co-construction of a better tourism in a progress approach for humanity and the world it settles in." ü Be convinced that personal and general interests are closely linked." ü Be convinced that collective achievement of a supreme goal such as a better world is a tool for human unity and peace." ü Be convinced that human unity only makes sense in its rich diversity and be committed to respect and promote this idea." ü Have the will to contribute to this collective realization, including the field method, necessarily upgradeable, experienced by Hopineo." ü Contribute to advance this method throughout your experiments." What  do  you  think?  Could  be  part  of  it?  >>>  
  5. 5. What  is  the  role  of  a  HopAmbassador?   A HopAmbassador is someone who contributes actively to the development of Hopineo:" ü  Find new facilities that might join the network." ü  Make a first #HopTrip-Swap with them." ü  Collect new good practices to increase the community’s field knowledge." ü  Share your experience on the Hopineo blog or a personal HopBlog (provided by Hopineo or of your own)." HopAmbassadors may do this around where they live, while traveling, or both!" #Live          #Meet    #Share    #Enjoy   The more you develop your field expertise, the more you can respond to various audiences (schools, universities, tourism professionals…) to share your field expertise and the one of Hopineo."
  6. 6. Mid  or  long-­‐term  journey?  Make  it  a  HopTour   If you plan to travel for several weeks, months or… years, you can make your journey a HopTour:" ü  Make #HopTrips-Swaps at several HopHosts, either ones you will have found, or ones on " We have several tools that we put at your disposal to find new HopHosts.! ü  Market your journey and make it a project you can valorize." ü  Learn a lot about responsible tourism + practice your own skills in various places. It’s like a giant internship!" Justine & Mahery" France, 4 months in 2014" Africa in 2016" Florie" Latin America since July 2014" Jacquelyn" Costa Rica – 2 months in 2015" Elsa, joined Florie 1 month in Bolivia and Chile" Anaëlle, India" 1 month" Nassim, from India to Australia" 12 months in 2015-16"
  7. 7. How  can  you  benefit  from  being  HopAmbassador?   By joining the team, you add sense and value to your personal and professional project:" ü  Be useful to you, to people, to a community, and to a bigger cause: the construction of a better world." ü  Learn, learn, learn!" ü  Show your Hopineo experience on your resume and on LinkedIn." ü  Join the Facebook group HopAngels to share tips and get in relationship with people worlwide who share your values." ü  Access the Hopineo network for any useful support: exchanges, business contacts, recommendations…" #Unique  #Opportunity  
  8. 8. Now,  what’s  the  plan?   The HopAmbassadors team is here to accompany you in your project: " 1.  Send a mail to to present yourself, your background and where you are in the reflexion." 2.  Contact a HopAmbassador on Skype to have his feelings and ask any relevant questions." Contacts are on the team page of the website: " 3.  An experimented HopAmbassador will “mentor” you in order to help you in the organization of your adventure. He will indeed provide you with relevant tools." 4.  You can start (or continue) finding new facilities and planning your #Swaps in the area of the world you have chosen." 5.  If relevant, we will implement your personal blog on " 6.  You live amazing experiences and share them on " You post new HopHosts and good practices on the website." 7.  If relevant, you can even produce your own specialized content on" Ex: Florie and her Marketing e-book: " Ex: Justine & Mahery and the HopMoocs: "
  9. 9. Learn  more…   You might have already seen the following items on our website, but just in case, here are a few ones you could be interested in:" ü  Examples of #HopTrips-Swaps that can be done:" (@ the bottom of the page)" ü  Work that has been done by HopAmbassadors during their #Swaps:" " ü  HopAmbassadors blogs:" (click on a one of our faces ;-)" ü  Hopineo’s history and vision, how it works, and who is the team:" "
  10. 10. Core  values  and  philosophy     ü Hopineo’s [Values] are sincerity, humility, courage, perseverance, equality, receptivity, progress, generosity, peace and goodness." ü Hopineo is willing to embody a [hope] for a better tourism and at the end, a better world." ü Hopineo is a [community] serving the common good and general interest." ü The aim of the community is to humbly contribute, alongside others, to the [collective construction of a better world]." ü The method chosen by Hopineo is [field experimentations]; the community collects and shows solutions that allows to « do good » to every actor willing to use them." ü The Hopineo community is [open]; we can join it for 3 days or for ever, but the length is never frozen, neither the level of involvement." ü The organization is the [union of all people of good will] regardless of age, origin, nationality or religion, who want to contribute to this goal; today through tourism; maybe tomorrow through other issues serving that goal."
  11. 11. Ready  to  join?   ☺     [HOPAMBASSAD        R]   BECOME   « When people work together, ! the mountains turn into gold. »! Chinese proverb"
  12. 12." /" @HopineoTrips" /company/hopineo"" Together,  let’s  build  a  better  tourism!   Hopineo is non profit organization, answering in concrete terms to the field needs, thanks to collaborative economy, for common good. [Partners]