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LinkedIn for Business with Karen Kefauver

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LinkedIn for Business with Karen Kefauver, social media consultant in Santa Cruz, California, shows in 45 slides how to use LinkedIn Groups, Recommendations, Events & Advertising. Slides show resources for more info and URLS for LinkedIn Help Center. Also find social media trends 2012 and social media statistics of largest social media networks.

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LinkedIn for Business with Karen Kefauver

  1. 1. The Aptos Chamber of Commerce Winter Seminar Series LinkedIn for Business! with Karen Kefauver
  2. 2. Resources - After the Talk• Karen’s Facebook Business page: https://• Karen’s Blog: http://• Website:• Email:
  3. 3. Social Media Services• I offer social media consulting - creating & improving social media sites for you personally, your staff and your company!• • Need to set up your Google+, Facebook, or other social media sites?• • Have social media sites but they have few fans & need help?• • Want individual or group training on how to use and maintain social sites?• Email:
  4. 4. Social Media Trends• 1.  More social media in corporate websites• 2.  An increase in social media usage on mobile devices• 3. Social media advertising/budgets will grow• 4. Social gaming will grow - Foursquare, Farmville• 5. QR Codes: A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code)• 6.Video!
  5. 5. Karen’s Mobile Phone Site • Designed by Eric Bloom of Mobile MarCom •
  6. 6. Social Media Overview• Biggest Players in Social Media Field:• Facebook• Twitter• You Tube• Google+• LinkedIn• Newcomer: Pinterest ( Pinterest is an online pinboard. Organize and share things you love. If your content is picture-heavy (think food, fashion, movies), try it!
  7. 7. Facebook Stats• 800 million+ active users• About 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States• Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events• People who use Facebook on their mobile devices are 2x as active on FB as those on non-mobile users
  8. 8. Twitter Stats• Twitter - 200 million registered users• 100 million active users worldwide• Record $800 venture capital investment in 2011• Apple integrated Twitter into iOS 5 last Fall
  9. 9. You Tube Stats• Over 3 billion videos are viewed a day• YouTube is localized in 25 countries across 43 languages• YouTubes demographic is broad: 18-54 years old• 800M unique users visit YouTube/month
  10. 10. Google+ Stats• Google+ growth accelerating. Passes 62 million users.• Adding 625,000 new users per day.• Prediction: 400 million users by end of 2012.
  11. 11. Google+ PersonalConnect with Karen Kefauver on Google Plus: or You can customize your Google Plus name here:
  12. 12. Google+ BizConnect with Karen Kefauver on Google Plus: or You can customize your Google Plus name here:
  13. 13. Pinterest• Facebook use peaks during these time periods• Early Morning (7am - 9am)• End of Work (5pm - 7pm)• Late Night (11pm - 1am)
  14. 14. Google = Search Leader
  15. 15. LinkedIn• Ways to be on LinkedIn• 1. Personal Profile• 2. Company Profile• Why Bother? Look at the numbers, it’s free, look at the benefits!
  16. 16. LinkedIn by the Numbers• Ways to be on LinkedIn• 1. Personal Profile• 2. Company Profile
  17. 17. LinkedIn Accounts - Free!
  18. 18. 10 LinkedIn Bonuses (1-5) • Find new customers thru online recommendations & word of mouth Ask your happy clients to write you a recommendation • Keep in touch with people who care most about your business (via status updates and Twitter) • Find the right vendors (find and vet vendors through the network of your peers) • Win new business by answering questions in your area of expertise (Answers/Forums); Also ask questions • Raise funding. You can use LinkedIn to find mentors or potential investors
  19. 19. 10 LinkedIn Bonuses (5-10) • Network with peers in your industry for repeat business referrals. (LinkedIn Groups) • Convince potential customers of your expertise by sharing unique blog content (connect Blog) • Keep your friends close and your competition closer. Over 150,000 companies have a company profile on LinkedIn, the “public profile” for companies. These pages surface key stats on companies; recent hires as well movers and shakers. • Promote your Events (use Events tab) • Look at the Data/Stats of who is using LinkedIn!
  20. 20. LinkedIn Slides Coming Up • LinkedIn personal profile • LinkedIn company page • Groups - finding and creating them • Recommendations - giving and receiving • LinkedIn Events - use them! • Advertising on LinkedIn
  21. 21. LinkedIn Personal Profile • LinkedIn personal profile •
  22. 22. LinkedIn Company Pages • Status updates allow you to engage directly with existing customers and prospects.  • Spread the word about company news or offers, start a conversation around a hot topic in your industry, or share an interesting article or video. • Customer recommendations provide an authentic endorsement of your products and services • Career opportunities can be showcased, along with spotlighted employees and a view into your companys culture. •
  23. 23. LinkedIn Company Page
  24. 24. LinkedIn Company Page • Groups - finding and creating them
  25. 25. LinkedIn Company Page • Groups - finding and creating them
  26. 26. LinkedIn Company Page • Groups - finding and creating them
  27. 27. Plantronics
  28. 28. Plantronics
  29. 29. LinkedIn Sentinel• Groups - finding and creating them
  30. 30. Groups• Quickly discover the most popular discussions in your professional groups.• Follow the most influential people in your groups by checking the Top Influencers board or clicking their profile image to see all their group activity.• Easily browse previews of the last three comments in a discussion.• Find interesting discussions by seeing who liked a discussion and how many people commented.• Groups Directory:• Groups Help:
  31. 31. Groups• Groups Directory:• Groups Help:
  32. 32. Groups
  33. 33. Recommendations• Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your home page and click Recommendations.• You can make a recommendation for a colleague, a service provider, a business partner or student• Go to the Profile menu at the top of your home page and click Recommendations.• Click the Request Recommendations tab. profiles/recommendations/• "Choose what you want to be recommended for" from the drop down menu.• Choose person to ask, create message, send!
  34. 34. Recommendations
  35. 35. LinkedIn Events• Anyone can create an event.•• Go to More at the top of your home page and then select Events.• Click the Add an Event tab.• Enter the event information.• Click Publish Event
  36. 36. LinkedIn Events
  37. 37. LinkedIn Events
  38. 38. LinkedIn Advertising• Target ads by job function, industry & more• Pay per click or per impressions• No long-term contracts. No commitments• Start with as little as $10 per day•
  39. 39. Social Media Checklist1. Have a clear sense of business purpose on your social media platforms2. Educate managers, employees, and stakeholders on your privacy andcommunity policies.3. Have a mindset ready for a long-term commitment.4. Be ready to engage with people who have negative things to say.5. Have a dedicated team thats ready to engage.6. Create a content calendar thats loaded with meaningful content.8. Make sure you have the ability to measure your results and report them.Source:
  40. 40. LinkedIn• 5 LinkedIn Tips• 1. GROUPS: Review and update LinkedIn group membership and activity settings• 2. BLOG: Integrate your blog content into your LinkedIn profile• 3. LinkedIn Company Profile - Create one!• 4. LinkedIn Company Updates = SEO gems• 5. Export Contacts function - Preserve your LinkedIn contacts• To export your connections list, Click Contacts at the top of your home page, Click the Export connections link in the bottom right corner of the page.• Exporting Your Connections | LinkedIn Help Center•
  41. 41. Promote Social Sites• Your website• Your business cards• Your storefront window• Your front desk• Print advertisements• Email signature• Newsletter, blog, other social media networks
  42. 42. Use Help Resources• Facebook:•• Twitter:•• LinkedIn:•• Google+••• You Tube:
  43. 43. Favorite Social Sites• Hubspot: View webinars:• Mashable: Social media and tips,• Social Media Examiner: Guide to the social media jungle, http://• Social Media Today:• Techcrunch:• MEDIA: New York Times Tech Blog :
  44. 44. Thank You!• Aptos Chamber of Commerce•• Central Coast Small Business Development Center:•
  45. 45. Contact Karen• I offer social media training and private consultations.• Email:• Website:• Facebook:• Social Media Blog:• Twitter: