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Más de Kathmandu Living Labs(20)


Jasna Budhathoki, Rato Bangala School |Youth as Mappers | SotM Asia 2017

  1. FROM A STUDENT TO A STUDENT MAPPER: MY PERSONAL STORY Jasna Budhathoki, A-Levels, Rato Bangala School
  2. ▪ Nepal Earthquake 2015
  3. Rescue and Relief operations
  4. 18 TH APRIL 2016: THE BEGINNING Mapping Ecuador after it got hit by a 7.8 magnitude EARTHQUAKE
  5. Mapping Party for ‘SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS’
  6. Teaching isn’t that easy
  7. Mapping Sri Lanka with the help of HOT Tasking Manager Heavy torrential rain had triggered landslides in Sri Lanka
  8. A HIT AND RUN Mapper… To a CASUAL Mapper…
  9. And now, it’s a tie with him!
  10. RBS Open Mapping Club
  11. 1st Mapping Session
  12. 2nd Mapping Session
  13. Thank you