hiv tuberculosis pep family medicine general practice primary care pico ebm pulmonary embolism rheumatoid arthritis osteoarthritis joint pain arthritis palm coein hivan quality assurance healthcare non-maleficence beneficence morbidity and mortality patient safety guidelines prep post-exposure prophylaxis viral load untransmissible undetectable u=u cd4 count viral lod art iris tb danger signs peptic ulcer disease upper gi bleeding lower gi bleeding abdominal pain neurology headache literature search critical appraisal informed decision making isolation waste disposal hand hygiene preventing nosocomial or healthcare associated inf hospital acquired infection infection control calculi aki ckd glomerulonephritis nephrotic syndrome renal dryg-resistant tb xdr mdr acid fast bacilli gene xpert extra-pulmonary tb pulmonary tb xray sputum covid-19 pid vaginal discharge south africa termination of pregnancy abortion growth charts muac malnutrition sam pyrexia of unknown origin diagnosis of exclusion fuo può sepsis hypertension obstructed labour haemorrhage obstetrics emergency pleural effusion preumonias respiratory emergencies respiratory system evidence clinical appraisal critique multiple myeloma cancers blood back trauma paraplegia hemiplegia spinal cord deep venous thrombosis chest pain toxidromes self harm suicide overdose poisoning orthopaedics antiepileptic drugs generalized seizures focal seizures seizure epilepsy dyspnoea cardiology cardiac failure heart failure mastitis breast cancer breast mass breast pain breast gout rheumatology viral meningitis bacterial meningitis tuberculous meningitis cryptococcal meningitis lumbar puncture meningitis insomnia sleep pfannenstiel joel cohen cesarean section pv bleeding aub megaloblastic and non-megaloblastic blood transfusion anaemia of chronic disease iron deficiency ananemia anaemia maternal health evidence based methods for caesarean section caesarean section pain acute abdomen surgical abdomen hormones dysfuntional uterine bleeding abnormal uterine bleeding lung function test controller and relievers spirometry asthma copd renal acidosis renal stones glomerular disease chronic kidney disease acute kidney injury umbilical catheterization als in child blsin child paediatrics resuscitation glasgow coma scale unconscious patient secondary survey primary survey oral hypoglycaemic agents insulin dm type 2 dm type 1 diabetes gastrointestinal tract constipation diarrhoea cerebrovascular accident transient ischaemic attack stoke cva
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