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Power bi overview

  1. 1. Power BI Overview Kiki Rizki Novinadi Microsof t Data Platform MVP
  2. 2. About Me… Milis : K5Verse Techy  CEO Kwadran Lima Indonesia  Microsoft Data Platform MVP Since 2006  Founder SQL Server Indonesia User Group Community Kiki Rizki Noviandi SQLServerIndo Community
  3. 3. Overview Power BI Desktop Power BI Service and What’s New Integration With Other Services Summary
  4. 4. Power BI : Experience your Data Any data, any way , anywhere
  5. 5. Power BI Product Portfolio
  6. 6. Power BI Desktop Free Companion authoring tool for the power BI service
  7. 7. Power BI Service Cloud-Base SaaS BI Solutions
  8. 8. Power BI Report Server
  9. 9. Power BI Embedded Embed stunning, fully interactive reports and visuals into your application
  10. 10. Personal Power BI
  11. 11. Large Team Collaboration
  12. 12. Overview Power Bi Desktop Power BI Service and What’s New Integration With Other Services Summary
  13. 13. Transforming with data The Business Analyst role
  14. 14. Get Data Easy Connect, Clean, and Mashup data
  15. 15. Self-Service Prep for Big Data Ingest, Transform & Integrate Big Data With Power BI
  16. 16. Analyze Build Powerful models and flexible measures
  17. 17. Visualize Create stunning interactive report
  18. 18. Publish Share insights with other
  19. 19. Collaborate Empower your organization
  20. 20. It is easy to get started Download for free at or windows store
  21. 21. Power BI Desktop Data source Over 100+ data sources and growing
  22. 22. Shape data into the format and structure you need
  23. 23. Data Connectivity Mode in Power BI Desktop
  24. 24. DEMO Power BI Desktop
  25. 25. Overview Power Bi Desktop Power BI Service Integration With Other Services Summary
  26. 26. Power BI Service Cloud-based Saas Solution
  27. 27. Get Started quickly
  28. 28. Secure, Live connection to your data sources on-premises and in cloud
  29. 29. Centralized data access with on-premises data gateway
  30. 30. Create dashboards for what matter most
  31. 31. Automatically generate data insights
  32. 32. Ask questions of your data – the way you would ask a person
  33. 33. Built-in intelligence to empower overyone
  34. 34. Share your work and collaborate with other
  35. 35. Demo Power BI Services
  36. 36. Overview Power Bi Desktop Power BI Service Integration With Other Services Summary
  37. 37. Integrate with Power BI Deliver insight through other service
  38. 38. SharePoint integration Fully interactive reports integrated into your sharepoint site
  39. 39. Excel and Power BI Easily aggregate objects fro multiple excel files on the same dashboard in Power BI
  40. 40. PowerApps integration Take actions within Power BI
  41. 41. Microsoft Team & Power BI
  42. 42. Demo Integration with other services
  43. 43. REDMOND, Wash., and WALLDORF, Germany – May 19th , 2014: Steve Lucas, President SAP Platform Solutions at SAP AG “We are proud of how we listened to our customers and together developed and will continue to develop innovative new programs focused on the cloud, mobility, and interoperability that will provide unparalleled value for our customers.” Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President Cloud and Enterprise at Microsoft Corp “Our expanded partnership with SAP demonstrates our continued commitment to deliver the applications and services our customers need — in their private clouds, service provider clouds, Windows Azure and Microsoft Office.” Cloud Business Intelligence MobilityInteroperability SAPApplicationsonMicrosoftAzure PowerBI/ExcelConnector forSAPBOBJBI SAPGatewayforMicrosoft Office/Office365 SAPmobileappsforWindows8and WindowsPhone8 SAP Microsoft New Partnership
  44. 44. Self-Service BI Analyze Power Pivot PivotTable in Excel Report Reporting Services Integration Services SQL Server Data warehouse IntegrateDiscover Power Query in Excel
  45. 45. Discover Analyze Self-Service BI Integrate Report Power Query in Excel Power Pivot, PivotTable in Excel Integration Services Into SQL Server DW From SAP HANA, ERP, BW Reporting Services
  46. 46. Excel Connectivity to SAP BusinessObjects BI Dashboard / XCelsius Crystal Reports Enterprise Web Intelligence Design Studio SAP Business Objects Enterprise (Universe) BO for MS Office BO for OLAP (Web) SAP BEx* SAP NetWeaver Portal SAP NetWeaver MDM SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Data Integrator Data Quality SAP Business Suite ERP Financials Operations Human Resources Corporate Services CRM, SCM 3rd-Party Databases and Applications FrontRoomBackRoom SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator* Database Database Layer: SAP HANA, SAP Sybase, SAP MaxDB, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, … SAP NetWeaver Gateway Power Query
  47. 47. Excel Connectivity to SAP BusinessObjects BI Use Case: Customer is using SAP BO and wants to enable self-service BI with the Microsoft Stack Key advantages: Excel users have seamless and direct access to SAP data exposed via SAP BusinessObjects BI Universes Semantic layer of SAP BusinessObjects BI Universes hides the complexity of the underlying SAP data source Customers can leverages existing investments in Microsoft and SAP BI technologies (dual vendor strategy) SAP data can be loaded into Excel table or Power Pivot data model Joint initiative of SAP and Microsoft Requirements: Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 with Power Query add-in with SAP BO Universe connectivity (available since May 2014) SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 SP2 or higher SAP BusinessObjects BI Power Query Discover
  48. 48. Power Pivot to SAP via NetWeaver Gateway Use Case: Customer wants to expose (smaller) SAP data sets to Microsoft self-service BI Key advantages: NetWeaver Gateway enables standard OData access to SAP NetWeaver Gateway supports other use cases, e.g. R/W integration with SharePoint, Office, mobile apps Multitude of data sources are supported – Function Modules, BAPIs, ABAP objects Works with SAP ERP, SAP CRM, … SAP BW, SAP HANA Requirements: SAP NetWeaver Gateway, some coding required on SAP side Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 Analyze SAP ERP SAP BW Power PivotSAP NetWeaver Gateway
  49. 49. Use Case: Online Analysis (live data) of SAP BW or HANA data with native Excel and Excel Services Key Advantages: SAP delivered component Works in Excel and Excel Services (SharePoint on-premise, but not Office 365) Username/password authentication Requirements: Installation of required drivers PivotTable/Charts with SAP OLEDB Provider for SAP BW and HANA SAP BW SAP HANA Excel PivotTable Analyze
  50. 50. Microsoft Connector for SAP NetWeaver BI (SAP BW) Use Case: Build a data mart with Microsoft BI on top of SAP BW with large data amounts Key advantages: SAP certified for unloading data from SAP BW Supports delta extraction and packaging; well suited for large amounts of data Supports parallel extraction Requirements: Open Hub Services license and configuration in SAP BW Works with Integration Services SAP BW SQL Server Data Warehouse SQL Server Integration Services Integrate
  51. 51. Customer Situation Microsoft Option Needing Reporting & Analytics on top of SAP ERP BI stack with SQL Server DW or APS Evaluating HANA as long term strategy Database and Application platform - APS or SQL Server DW alongside HANA - HANA for SAP Business Suite and Microsoft stack for all non- SAP related workloads Using SAP Data Services as Integration Layer SAP Data Services for integration between SAP and MS BI stack Investing long term on All-Up SAP strategy (no MS BI at any level) Power BI (self-service)
  52. 52. 4C01-8464-A57044A99B7E/Microsoft_BI_and_SAP_white_paper.pdf