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  1. Personality
  2. Myers-Briggs 16 Primary Traits
  3. Extroversion Sociable, gregarious, and assertive Agreeableness Good-natured, cooperative, and trusting. Conscientiousness Responsible, dependable, persistent, and organized. Openness to Experience Imaginativeness, artistic, sensitivity, and intellectualism. Emotional Stability Calm, self-confident, secure (positive) versus nervous, depressed, and insecure (negative). The Big Five Personality Traits
  4. Trait Adjectives Associated with the Big Five
  5. Locus of Control
  6. Self-Esteem and Self-Monitoring
  7. Personality Types
  8. Personality Types
  9. The End

Notas del editor

  1. Definition from Myers (1998, p.420) Personality is an abstract concept, like intelligence, that cannot be -seen, touched or directly measured Personality is one’s relatively distinctive and consistent pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting Each dwarf has a distinct type of personality