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Organizational culture - Human Behaviour Organisation

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Organizational culture - Human Behaviour Organisation

  1. 1. ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE Presented by Atul Sande, 04 Krupesh Shah, 07 Vengadeshwaran, 19 Pooja Chilap, 32 Sagar Kuckian, 36
  2. 2. ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE "...We believe that organizations will ultimately get only as far as their organizational cultures take them."
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Organisation Culture is a Philosophy  Interaction at Work Place  Guiding the employees and giving a sense of direction  “One's own culture provides the "lens" through which we view the world; the "logic"... by which we order it; the "grammar" ... by which it makes sense. “ 
  4. 4. COMPONENT  Vision  Values  Practices  People  Consistency  Connect  Chronicles
  5. 5. CHARACTERISTICS  Language and Customs  Mission and Values  Climate and Habits  Symbols
  6. 6. TYPES
  7. 7. IMPORTANCE  Unity  Loyalty  Competition  Direction  Identity
  8. 8. HEALTHY ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURES  Acceptance and appreciation for diversity  Fair treatment of each employee  Equal opportunity  Strong communication  Strong company leaders  Lower iteration rates  Investment
  9. 9. OVERVIEW OF TATA AND FORD MOTORS Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata Henry Ford
  10. 10. TATA MOTORS  Mission:   To be a competitive value provider in international business for group companies and all our partners. Vision:  Become a globally networked enterprise seizing opportunities worldwide to generate USD 25 million annual profits
  11. 11. FORD MOTORS  Mission:   To provide products for superior quality that improve the living standard of customers not harmful for environment. Vision:  To become a leader in motor vehicles for products and related services.
  12. 12. FORD MOTORS – CULTURE (BROADER PERSPECTIVE) Fmc employees of today enjoy a workplace with a more open communication policy than their predecessors that might affect them  Employee opinion is valued and is heard through surveys the company sends out  CEO of ford is working hard to change work habits of employees.  CEO wants managers to think more about customers than their own careers. 
  13. 13. TATA MOTORS – CULTURE (BROADER PERSPECTIVE) Tata’s follow a very strong culture giving much importance to ethics and moral values  Very strong employee relationships  The role of CEOs is unique in that they stand at the top of the pyramid and all the other members of the organization take cues from them  Building a strong and committed top team 
  14. 14. INNOVATIONS  Tata Motors: 407 platform in 1980s  Indica in late 1990’s  ACE  NANO   Ford Motors: Ford’s use of Assembly lines was a revolutionary method  Use of light weight,durable,easily machined,stronger metal like Vanadium  Introduced left hand drive configuration 
  15. 15. VALUE OF ETHICS Principles, values, and beliefs that define what is right and wrong behavior