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Gráficos apresentação dont worry be healthy

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  • Results of inicial questionaires in Alvito's School
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Gráficos apresentação dont worry be healthy

  1. 1. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 1
  2. 2. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 2Be Healthy / Feel HappyThe School’s population is: 189 students; 24 TeachersWe passed the questionnaire to: 34 children (sample formed by one class from elementary school (4.º level) and twoclasses from gymnasium): they represent 30% of all the children at school; 8 teachers: they represent 33% of all the teachers at school; We gave the questionnaire to 18 mothers (kindergarten). They represent 50% of thechildren’s mothers.Our school is a kindergarten, elementary school and gymnasium (2ºand 3º levels). The children’s age are since 3 to 16 years old.
  3. 3. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 3Don’t Worry, Be Healthychildren questionnaire79% - of children eat breakfastAll of them drink milk at this first meal.They prefer milk with cereals (9) andmilk with toasts (8).79%12%9%alwaysnormally;sometimes1.Do you ever take breakfastbefore going to school?Students4%2%2%2%2%7%2%9%34%32%4%wafersCereal with milkmilk 1sandesmilk toastmilk with bread andbutteryogurtfruitmilkchocolate milkbread and butterslice of cakewhat do you eat?
  4. 4. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 4The motherss responsescoincides with the childrens.90% - of children eat alwaysthe breakfast at home.Don’t Worry, Be Healthymothers questionnaire82%6%6%6%alwaysNormallySometimesno answerc h ild r e n s b r e a k f a s t m e a l w it h m o t h e r s7%14%7%7%26%12%5%12%5%5%milk with biscuits (Maria)milk with cerealstoast with hamtoast with cheesemilk and toastsmilk, bread and butterCERELACmilkmilk with chocolateyogurt
  5. 5. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 5one child rarely ate fruit and another one never do it.Two children never eat vegetablesThree of them rarely ate vegetables.Seven children eat fruits and vegetables once ortwice a day.Thirteen children eat fruit on all meals.Six of them do eat vegetables on all meals.Don’t Worry, Be Healthychildren questionnaire78%8%3%11%BreakfastAt lunch and dinner;Outside meals 1 or 2times a day;Rarely;When do you eat fruits?
  6. 6. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 6- 94% of mothers speak with theirchildren to encourage them toeat fruit and vegetables.- 44% of them explain thebenefits-13% use vegetable soup- 6% use natural juice- 6% use saladsDon’t Worry, Be Healthymothers questionnaireDo you encourage your child to eatfruit and vegetables?
  7. 7. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 7Nobody eats chips or fruiton small mealsThe most part of them eata sandwich (71%).Some children drink milkand eat a sandwich (16%).Don’t Worry, Be Healthychildren questionnaire9%71%2%3%3%3%3%3%3%Fruit or VegetableSandwiches with milk or juice;Crisps;Croissant with ChocolateCereals with milkBiscuits with yogurtCereal barritasMilk BreadcupcakeWhat do you usually eat , betweenclasses?
  8. 8. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 8Results- 58% of children rarely eat fastfood;- 42% of them rarely drink gas.18%66%13%3%Every day;Some days a week;rarely; answerHow often do you eat fast food?6%41%31%22%Every day;Some days a week;rarely;Never.How often do you drink, drinkswith gas?71%26%3%3 or more cups per day1or 2 cups per dayRarely drink water;How much water do you drinkper day?Don’t Worry, Be Healthychildren questionnaire
  9. 9. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 9Children’s prefered drinks38% - Ice–tea21% - water13% - orange juice- 26% of children prefervegetables soup- 26% preferred traditionalmeals5%3%3%12%5%11%15%15%3%5%8%3%3%3%3% 3%pasta, cheese and hamvegetable soup andvegetablesBitoqueStrogonofsaladpizza / lasagnaroast chicken (friedpotatoes, rice salad)pasta with meatRice (duck, Valenciana)cod with creamlasagnaTomato rice w / horsemackerelchipsquichewafersno answerWhats your favorite food?Don’t Worry, Be Healthychildren questionnaire
  10. 10. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 10- 50% Children lunch at school- 50% Children lunch at home- 39% never eat fast food- 37% rarely eat fast food- 17% eat fast food once a weekDon’t Worry, Be Healthymothers questionnaireHow often your child eats fast food?6%59%35% Once a week or lessrarelynever
  11. 11. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 11Most children is less than 1 hour aday watching TV (42%).Most children is less than 1 hour aday on computer(55%).15%9%41%32%3%over 4 hour2-4 hours daily;1-2 hours daily;Less than 1 hour per dayno answerHow many hours do you see TV?12%21%29%38%Over 4 hours daily;2-4 hours daily;1-2 hours daily;Less than 1 hour per dayHow many hours do you spendoncomputer per day?Don’t Worry, Be Healthychildren questionnaire
  12. 12. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 12Don’t Worry, Be Healthymothers questionnaire
  13. 13. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 13Don’t Worry, Be Healthymothers questionnaire
  14. 14. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 1424%26%4%2%4%2%5%15%2%4%2%4%2%4%athleticsfootballswimmingbasketballbadmintonskatingwalkcycling / mountain bikingabdominal exercisesjudotennisbaletCaught gameno answerStudents Sportson free timeThe children’sfavorite sports aresoccer (25%),cycling (21%) andwalking (12%).Don’t Worry, Be Healthychildren questionnaire
  15. 15. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 1529% of mothers do sportssometimes a week, with theirchildren.27% of them rarely do sportswith the children,20% pratice sports once aweek with the children.Don’t Worry, Be Healthymothers questionnaire
  16. 16. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 16How works healthy lifestyle habits:Don’t Worry, Be Healthyteachers questionnairehealthy lifestyle habits88888Comida e bebida saudáveis;A prática de desporto;Os prejuízos de umaalimentaçao incorrecta e/oupobre em nutrientes;Os prejuízos que advém dafalta de prática desportiva;As implicações dosedentarismo na vidaquotidiana…
  17. 17. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 17How they stimulate students:•Organize sport tournaments - 1•Organize hiking/bicycle trips - 6•Going to the swimming pool - 2•Doing physical exercise in the classroom - 6•Preparing/eating healthy meals together - 4•Talking about healthy lifestyle - 8Be Healthy/ Feel Happy – teachers’ quiz
  18. 18. EBI/JI ALVITO - Luisa Fadista 18