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Harness the Power of Paid Media Promotion: A Decision Tree

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Download our strategic decision tree for more information to help you determine which paid media options make the most sense for your unique business and engagement goals.

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Harness the Power of Paid Media Promotion: A Decision Tree

  1. 1. Discover how paid media can take your highest performing pieces of organic content to the next level. Use this flowchart to determine which paid media options are best suited for your organization’s needs. Is your top priority for paid media content to... Want to take your paid media strategy to the next level? We reveal the simplest, yet most sophisticated strategy in Our Organic + Paid Playbook Harness the power of paid media promotion: a flowchart 1. Your Organic + Paid Playbook, LinkedIn Build brand awareness? Drive clicks to your website? Seamlessly generate leads? 3x Users stay to engage with video ads almost 3x longer than a static Sponsored Content ad.1 33.85% With LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content Video Ads, KLM’s video ad campaign experienced a 33.85% view rate, which is 26.3% above the average view rate benchmark.1 Engage your target audience directly within their LinkedIn feed. Emphasize highly visual, eye-catching imagery to leave an impact. Leverageimpactfulquotesandstats toincreasevalueandengagement. SPONSORED CONTENT BEST PRACTICES 46% Marketo’s targeted Sponsored InMail strategy helped them exceed their event registration goal by 46%.1 Deliver personalized messages to enhance individual connections. Drive specific, tangible actions like event registration. BEST PRACTICES SPONSORED INMAIL Capitalizeondesignatedadvertising sectionswithDynamicAds,TextAds, orProgrammaticAds. Generate quick conversions by addressing your audience directly with a strong CTA. BEST PRACTICES DISPLAY ADS Do you have quality web content? Do you have a compelling offer? Haven’t gotten there yet? Do you want specific, tangible actions? Do you have video content? Do you have static creative?Or Or Or