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Sage Limited Case Study

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Case Study about Sage Limited on LinkedIn: Partnering on "Train your business brain" campaign

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Sage Limited Case Study

  1. 1. Marketing SolutionsBusiness BrainsSage Partners with LinkedIn on‘Train Your Business Brain’ campaignBackgroundSage (UK) Limited, the leading business software and services provider, came together with LinkedIn for their first ever UKpartnership to promote Sage’s national Business Brains campaign, designed to help firms boost business skills and stay aheadof the competition.Objectives ResultsDrive traffic to ‘Train your Business Brain’ site designed to LinkedIn Polls received 2,100 responses to 4provide inspiration, mental stimulation and advice to UK placed questionsprofessionals and enable an ongoing dialogue. LinkedIn was the 3rd largest upstream websitePromote Sage’s national Business Brains initiative amongst (after Google UK & and downstreamfinance and accounting professionals and small to medium partner after Google and Sage, (Hitwise 2009)businesses. 902 ‘Train your Business Brain’ entrants werePromote Sage’s sponsorship of ‘The Krypton Factor’ to from in the LinkedIn Leagueprofessionals on LinkedIn. Following on from the success in 2009, Sage is looking to run the ‘Train your Business Brain’ campaign for 2nd successive year in 2010 ©2010 LinkedIn Corporation. All other brands are trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Strategy‘Train Your Business Brain’ and LinkedIn site integration A LinkedIn Group generated discussion around businessplus promotion across the LinkedIn platform delivered skills, and allowed users to share results. Sage postedscale to the target audience and enabled an ongoing questions for LinkedIn members and showcased insightdialogue with users that outlived the media campaign. from nation-wide research on business successTargeted advertising activity across the LinkedIn platform Sponsorship of the ‘Startups & Small Business’ Answersdrove traffic to, where users section of LinkedIn aligned Sage with experts in businesscould take part in mental agility tests A LinkedIn homepage takeover coincided with the and LinkedIn site of ‘The Krypton Factor’ to achieve maximum impact withintegration: a LinkedIn leaderboard enabled users to the LinkedIn UK audiencefilter the results of the business IQ game, this linked backto the LinkedIn Group ensuring longer term two-waytraffic Please contact your sales manager for more information. ©2010 LinkedIn Corporation. All other brands are trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.