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ENGLISH 5 PPT Q3 W9 Day 1-5 - Identifying Point of View, Proper Expressions, Organize information from Secondary Sources, Expressing Opinions and Emotions, Feature Paragraph.pptx

  1. Identifying Point of View
  2. ‘‘The Eyebrows’’ Eyebrows are part of the face which serves two purposes – for beauty and protection. Eyebrows made the face look more beautiful by calling attention to the eyes. They make the eyes look healthier and brighter. Eyebrows do not only beautify the face but also protect the eye from sweat. Without the eyebrows, drops of sweat may run into the eyes and blur the sight. Sweat itself is a waste product and should be rid off. The teacher will play a story using a cassette/CD To the Learner
  3. Our lesson for today has something to do with identifying “the point of view” in a story.
  4. “Let’s Try This Listen to the story very well and give thimportance of what you have heard. “Magnets” Magnet attracts objects made of steel, iron and other metals. The discovery of the magnets and the many things that have been made out of it had brought many discoveries and useful things. The magnet makes possible the compass that was used and still being used by travellers, pilot, sailor, boy scouts, soldier, engineers and others. The magnet W/C makes use of electricity has made all types of electric and industrial motor.
  5. I will tell/read a story, give the point of view of the story, and will explain how to get the important idea in a story Scorching summers... Melting glaciers... Stronger storms... The signs of global climate change are all around us.
  6. “Why we cook the Food We Eat We cook our food for there are reasons – to make food palatable and appetizing, to soften hard and tough foods, and to kill any microbe that may happen in the food. There are many ways of preparing food. Food can be fried,boiled, roasted, baked, steamed, stewed or sautéed. They can be cooked but some are eaten raw.
  7. Another story will be heard and you will be the one to give the point of view in the story you’ve heard.
  8. “Air Pollution” Today, in most cities, smoke and exhaust fumes fill the air and endanger the health and the well being of the people. Smoke and exhaust fumes contain harmful by-products from gasoline burned in cars and from factories. Air pollution or smog is a serious problem in some cities. Smog consists of smoke and exhaust fumes mixed w/ fog. To control air pollution, smoke ordinance have been passed. Smoke belching vehicles and factories are required to reduce fumes emanating from them.
  9. I will read a story, and then you will write or say it orally “the point of view” that can be found in the story heard
  10. Purifying Drinking Water There are different ways of purifying water for drinking purposes. Distillation is one. Distilled water is made by evaporating and then condensing the water vapor from the boiling water. Bacteria are removed by passing water through a filter. Adding chemicals to the water also makes it pure. But the best way of purifying water at home is by boiling it. When water is boiled, the bacteria in it are surely killed.
  11. How do we get the point of view in a story heard?
  12. You will make a role play and your classmates will identify the point of view the group wanted to emphasize. (Group activity)
  13. Additional activities for application or remediation “Let’s Enrich Ourselves”
  14. Observe accuracy, appropriate rate and proper expressions in choral, echo and shadow reading.
  15. How do we get the point of view in a story heard?
  16. “ Let’s Try This” Who among you are member of church choir? How do the members of the choir sings?
  17. “ Let’s Try This” Today we will learn how to observe accuracy, appropriate rate and proper expressions in choral, echo and shadow reading. Sing it by group Group Activity (Hello, Hello) Hello, Hello,Hello, Hello, How do you do I’m Glad to be with you And you, and you and you!! Tralalalalalalalala!! 3x
  18. “ Let’s Try This” Today you will be able to witness a readers theatre, you may take notes on the way it has performed like the pronunciation, stress and juncture (Group Activity) XR3h7A
  19. Watch this as I play a poem recited in coral to show the appropriate, and accuracy and proper expression is reading. WK2qiw4IA
  20. “Song” Behold the beautiful land The young hills and the corn In the green river womb Children are born Honey’s in the forest Blue fish in the sea The ash gray of the cleanings Grows grains for me
  21. Discuss: how the words are properly pronounced, and read, explains the proper and accurate expression when reading this kind of texts. Group the class into 5 and each group will be given a task to be performed in the class. Group 1- choral singing Group 2- Speech Group3- Poem Recitation Group 4- Choral Reading
  22. From a video clip showing choral recitation, how you will make your own critic about the video clip.
  23. What have you learned from today’s lesson?
  24. “Let’s Test Ourselves” Here’s an envelope to each group containing task card and you will present it in the given situation. A. Choral singing B. Reader theater C. Echo reading
  25. Additional activities for application or remediation “Let’s Enrich Ourselves”
  26. Organize information from secondary sources in preparation for writing, reporting and similar academic tasks in collaboration with others.
  27. Let’s Practice What insight did you gain in choral presentations?
  28. What reading material do you have at home? Are newspapers good to read? Why
  29. I will group the class into 4; each group will be given a newspaper and a cartolina. Each group will read an article and you will write the important facts from it. Which will be use for writing or reporting.
  30. Class this activity has something to do with our lesson for today. Organizing information from secondary sources in preparation for writing, reporting and similar academic tasks in collaboration with others.
  31. The teacher will assign a pupil to read aloud the news report on the chart while the other pupils read silently. Ask the students to write important points from the news heard. “Let’s Study This”
  32. “Let’s Do This” I will use the news from the previous activity in writing a report; I will show you on how to get the important points in writing reports.
  33. Arrange the following sentences to form a report. Follow the format below. (The sentences must be written on strips of cartolina). (Group Activity) Format in Writing a Report Title: __________________________________________________ Introduction: __________________________________________ Main Points: ___________________________________________ 1. __________________________ 2.__________________________ 3.__________________________ 4.__________________________ Conclusion 1._____________________________ 2.______________________________
  34. Direction: On a one whole sheet of paper, arrange and write the sentences into a news report.
  35. Today we have learned about …….
  36. “Let’s Test Ourselves” Write a brief report about your community. Be able to follow the points to remember/pattern in writing a report.
  37. Additional activities for application or remediation “Let’s Enrich Ourselves”
  38. Use particular kind of sentence for a specific purpose and audience – expressing opinions and emotions
  39. Do you still remember what are the different kinds of sentence according to Use? Identify them and give example of each kind.
  40. These kind of sentence has something to do with our lesson for today ‘’ The Use of particular kind of sentence for a specific purpose and audience expressing opinions/ emotions.
  41. “Let’s Try This” The teacher will show some situation through video clip and the students will write on a cartolina strips provided by the teacher the emotions /opinion they feel upon watching each video clips.
  42. I will read a news from a news paper and give my opinion emotion about what I have read. I will write it on a cartolina using declarative sentence or exclamatory sentence. The teacher will allow the students to read an article on a magazine and let them express their emotions/ opinions about the articles they have read on a cartolina.
  43. I will show a video clip and she will write the emotions opinion she feels about the video using a particular kind of sentence. Discuss
  44. Ask the students to reminisced their experience last summer and construct a paragraph using the particular kind of sentence.
  45. Choose three pairs to report on their dialog note proper intonations and stresses in the words uttered.
  46. What have you learned from our lesson today? How do you expressed your emotion /opinion about what have you heard, read or watched.
  47. “Let’s Test Ourselves” The teacher will play a video clip and make express your opinion/ emotion about it. Write it in a paragraph form.
  48. Additional activities for application or remediation “Let’s Enrich Ourselves”
  49. Write a 3-paragraph Feature Article
  50. To the Learner What have you learned yesterday?
  51. Let’s Learn This The teacher will ask the students if they know the plant COCONUT, then they will be ask to write the benefits that we can get from coconut on the metacards given by the teacher. (Group Activity)
  52. Class today we will learn on how to write a 3 paragraph feature article.
  53. The teacher will show garlic to the class. What can you say about the garlic? Write your answer on a paragraphh form.
  54. Write a paragraph about an APPLE
  55. Explain how to write a feature article. The introduction, the body and the conclusion must be in order. It should be in order. From simple to complicated information about the featured person, place, things or events.
  56. Write a 3 feature paragraph featuring their favourite pet/food. The teacher will guide the class in writing.
  57. Let’s Remember Based on what you have watched compose your own 3 feature paragraph.
  58. D. We'll look for it. Write a 3 - paragraph feature article based on the following situation. On your way to school, you saw a grade five papal helping an old woman crossings the street. Three were bigger boys playing nearby who did not care to help her. Give your article an interesting and an attention arousing title. Group the class with 4 members and ask them to write a dialog about the picture.
  59. Additional activities for application or remediation “Let’s Enrich Ourselves” Group Activity The teacher will give each group some cartolina strips wit facts and they will arrange the paragraph into its correct sequences.
  60. Thank You and God Bless Us All